How to Make an Instagram Quiz with AI(ChatGPT)

You might have heard of quizzes and how following best practices means placing your quiz front and center on your website. But what if a website doesn’t make sense for your business? In this article, we’ll uncover how to leverage your Instagram following and make an Instagram quiz with AI (ChatGPT). 

Let’s jump in!

Why Add a Quiz to Your Instagram?

First, when thinking about leveraging your audience, consider where they are most prevalent or where you can get more reach. Some businesses have websites where social media is the first point of contact. Other businesses use Instagram as their main information and contact hub for their customers. 

Either way, you’ll reap many benefits by adding a quiz to your Instagram, and ChatGPT speeds up the process. Instagram quizzes grow online businesses with advertising, email opt-in forms, and high-converting results. Online businesses, creators, and coaches favor these jam-packed features where you will:

  1. Grow your email list 
  2. Capture mobile users 
  3. Engage effectively with your audience

Quizzes convert followers into email subscribers at an average 40% conversion rate.

Take a look at Jenna Kutcher’s quiz, which she shared through an Instagram post. Jenna shares that the return on investment of email marketing compared to sales on socials is twenty-one times higher.

Make an Instagram Quiz with AI (ChatGPT)

If you’re starting fresh with quizzes, aligning your quiz topic with your business and existing campaigns is the first step. ChatGPT is a great tool for brainstorming quiz ideas to get started. Then, run through the rest of the AI prompts to make your quiz or request one from Interact!

Prompt: Look at this Instagram Profile [insert your Instagram profile link]

First, identify a few primary themes of the text and remember it but don’t print it out. The themes are not the title of the text rather but what it’s actually talking about.

Then, propose quiz titles that would fit the primary themes of the text. Provide three options for quiz titles from the “Personality Title Options” titles and three options for quiz titles from the “Assessment Title Options” titles. Follow the output format below.

Output format. (do not print anything else)
Quiz title options:
1. [Title]
2. [Title]
3. [Title]
4. [Title]
5. [Title]
6. [Title]

Personality Title Options
What type of a (topic) are you?
What is your (topic) personality?
What is causing you to (topic)?
What is holding you back from (topic)?
What is blocking you from?
How (blank) are you?
Do you have what it takes to (blank)?
What’s your (blank) formula?
What kind of (topic) should you be?

Assessment Title Options
How (behavioral attribute related to topic) are you?
Are you a (behavioral attribute related to topic)?
What’s your level of (behavioral attribute related to topic)?
Do you have (behavioral attribute related to topic)?
Are your (effect of topic on individual) playing a role in (aspect of life)?

Spice Up Your Quiz

Once the Instagram quiz you built with Interact using ChatGPT is ready to go, there are a few ways to spice it up before publishing it. These additions continue the engagement down your funnel.

  1. Add your bio to your results pages to remind people what you do best. 
  2. Include a call to action that guides new subscribers to the next step, like free resources, an article or podcast episode, or a paid offer for your services or products.
  3. Connect your quiz to an email marketing platform to engage with your audience on a personal level.

Add Your New Quiz to Your Instagram

Instagram has a recent update that allows people to add multiple links to their profile bio. This is a simple process:

  1. Click “Edit Profile”
  2. Click “Links”
  3. Click “Add External Link” 
  4. Enter the URL and Title (how it will be shown in your bio)
link in bio example

Another option is to have a “link in bio” (i.e., Linktree)—previously the strategy most people used and might still be the most popular. This strategy gives more control over design, links to as many places as you want, and acts as a “website” for you. 

If you decide to use a “link in bio” platform, like Linktree, add a link to your quiz so your audience can easily access it! Promote it through Instagram Reels, Story Highlights, and posts, and let your followers know where to access your quiz.

Wrap Up

An Instagram quiz is a great way to leverage your social media presence to capture your audience and move them through your funnel. Now that you know how to make an Instagram quiz with AI (ChatGPT), get started using a simple prompt to get quiz topic ideas. 

Once your quiz is built in Interact, spice it up before publishing to keep your quiz on brand. Then, publish your quiz and add it to your Instagram bio, where you can link directly to your quiz or use a “link in bio” platform to link to it. 

Promote your Instagram quiz through Reels, Story Highlights, and posts as a great jumping-off point for someone getting used to your brand. 

What is the best quiz for you business?

Quizzes are super effective for lead generation and selling products. Find the best quiz for your business by answering a few questions.

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