How to make the perfect Beauty Products (makeup) Quiz

Learn from the experts at Interact Quiz Builder how to make the perfect beauty products (makeup) quiz that people love to take!

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And now the written version (with extra insights)

1. Quiz topic and site integration.

Birchbox isn’t the first company to do a “Which Makeup Is Best For You?” quiz. The reason it keeps working so well is because this quiz is a “must have” for both brands and consumers. From the brand side, a quiz offers a simple way to personalize a product selection, and personalized product suggestions sell 42% better than non-personalized. From the consumer side, this quiz idea offers an opportunity to purchase a product that is made for you, which takes away the fear of purchasing something that you’ll never use and wasting money.

On the site integration side, quizzes embed through a simple iframe code that works exactly the same as a YouTube video embed. With interact you can set the height/width of the embed to account for all the content and avoid any sort of scroll bar within the iframe (which looks terrible).

2. Quiz Questions

This is where the fun begins for everyone. Quiz questions are awesome because it’s an opportunity for a short, scripted conversation to happen between the brand and the consumer that’s unique for each quiz taker. To maximize your potential here, follow a few simple best practices.

  • Culturally relevant. Quizzes are scripted, which can be a bad thing if the script doesn’t feel relevant. It’s important to know your customers here, if they are into music, have questions relating to music, if they are into travel, have a question about where they’d like to travel, and so on and so forth.
  • Personal. It’s a conversation, treat it like a conversation. The way I recommend doing this is to think of one potential customer who you know would enjoy taking your quiz and write directly to them, that way you will speak conversationally and personally.
  • 6-10 questions. This is enough to get the scoring on your quiz to be accurate (so the personality of a person matches their product recommendation), but it’s not so many questions that people get bored and leave.
  • Use pictures every time. In a study of the top quizzes built with Interact, it turns out that all 100 of those quizzes have at least one image question in them. Images add a visual side to your quiz that removes any notion that the quiz isn’t fun, which is important.

3. Quiz results and product recommendations

This part is actually a few parts.

  1. The name of the product. Pretty simple, but when people share their results it is formatted like “I got Jouer, What’s Your Makeup Brand Match?” so that product title (Jouer) is an important piece of copy.
  2. A picture. I don’t have to tell you the images are important for selling products.
  3. A description. The important thing here is to tie the questions into the result recommendation. As you are describing the product, you should explain why it’s being recommended in the context of the questions of the quiz.
  4. A link to purchase. The reason you use a link to the product page instead of populating the product right in the quiz results is to maximize social sharing. If you simply forwarded people to a product page at the end of the quiz, no one would share their results (think about how much people share product pages, not much).
  5. Social share buttons. Interact automatically adds Twitter and Facebook share buttons to every quiz result, and you can customize the share text to link back to the page where your quiz is embedded.

4. Sharing your quiz to get the ball rolling.

As the brand behind the quiz you’ll need to get things started by sharing the quiz on social (and most likely purchasing ads to promote it). There’s a trick for doing this on Facebook. In words, you take a picture that represents the quiz, share that, and then in the description of the image link to the actual quiz page.

Create a Beauty Products Quiz for Free!