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Make a quiz for your Squarespace at Interact

Interact is the #1 quiz tool for Squarespace and we make it really easy to embed a quiz into your Squarespace website. I’ll go through this step by step with screenshots so you can follow along exactly and get your quiz added into your site.

1. In Squarespace Navigate to”Pages”

Then select the page that you want to add the quiz to so you can open it up and edit the section that you want to embed your quiz in. For this example I’m going to use the home page so that’s the one I’ll click on.


2. Click to add a block

In Squarespace, click to add a block in the section where you want to put the quiz. You can put the quiz anywhere that a block is allowed to go in your template. The available spaces may change depending on which template you are using in Squarespace.


3. Select the “Embed” block

You’ll be embedding the quiz in your Squarespace site, so select the “Embed” option for adding the quiz in from interact.


4. Click </> on the Embed box so you can add a custom code

Interact quiz builder has its own embed code that you’ll be adding, and you want to add that code in, so click on the </> icon on the embed box in the bottom right corner so you can add in the interact quiz embed code


5. Open the Embed Data box

When you click the </> icon on the Embed dialogue it will open the “Embed Data” box where you’ll be putting your quiz embed code


6. In interact clock “share & embed” to get your quiz embed code

This is done in interact ( NOT squarespace. Interact is the quiz builder you can use to create a quiz that goes into Squarespace.


7. Choose the “Embed in your Website or Landing Page” option

This is what you’ll need to access the embed code for your quiz to copy into Squarespace


8. Copy the embed code from interact for your quiz

This is the code that will make your quiz show up in your Squarespace site and we’ll be pasting it into the code block


9. Back in Squarespace paste the embed code into the “Embed Data” box

Paste in the code you copied from interact.

Pro Tip: If you want to make sure the quiz fills up the whole space you have available, you can edit the height and width of the embed where it says “width=” and “height=” in the code that’s in the Embed Data box


10. Click save and your quiz is live in Squarespace!

You can see below how my quiz looks on my home page, you can embed your quiz anywhere on your Squarespace site.

If you want to create a quiz for embedding into Squarespace just like this guide, you can use interact quiz maker

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