How to quiz-purpose and quiz-tailor your existing content

Do you have existing content that’s just right for a quiz? Find out how you can quiz-purpose and quiz-tailor your content for a quiz that people love!

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Many companies have had great success using creative quizzes to build engagement and grow their audience. It’s quite remarkable how a short quiz can pull in prospective leads and get them to join a community.

Let’s look at how to give new life to popular content or evergreen topics that may be lounging on your website already. We’ll walk through two examples of how an interactive quiz can give your audience a fresh look at your content, we’ll call this quiz-purposing. Then we’ll look at how a quiz can direct your reader to the content that suits their needs. We’ll call this quiz-tailoring.

1.    Quiz-purposing popular articles

We’ll look at an article titled The Mom Squad from a May issue of a parenting magazine called ParentsCanada. The article appeared in print and online but with a different title, as online versions of print material are sometimes changed to suit an online audience. Being that Mother’s Day is in May, and that Mother’s Day and May come every year, that’s evergreen content that has the potential to keep on giving, which makes it a great target for quiz-purposing.

The original article was a tongue-in-cheek piece about the different mom personas that mothers adopt as they raise their kids. No two moms are alike, yet they all have some things in common. This article was primed for a personality quiz. The original article depicted six different mom types but I chose four to make the quiz short and appealing and I had enough data to formulate mom-type results.

(To see the full article before it was quiz-purposed, check it out here

Personalty quiz – starting at the end first

Let’s start at the end and work backwards: take the quiz below and then we’ll walk through the steps on how it was created.

Mom quiz cover page

Creating the personality quiz step-by-step

I chose four types of moms that I thought would be the most popular and ones that I could make discriminating questions for.

Here are the steps:

  1. Write the four personality results using content from the original article: Fashionista Mom, Super-Mom, Eco-Mom, Fit-Mom.
  2. Rework the result descriptions to make sure they are succinct personality descriptions for each type.
  3. Formulate 6 questions (I chose 6 but you could go up to 8 or 10 for such a quiz).
  4. Balance simple questions with more detailed ones.
  5. Devise discriminating answers for each of the questions. The challenge! (see below on how to tackle this challenge).
  6. Decide on the offer or other relevant information to add to your result pages along with the personality descriptions.

Creating discriminating answers for each personality result – the challenge

Depending on the personality topic, the challenge is sometimes in making the answer options distinctive enough to create a result that speaks to the quiz taker.

When it comes to moms, much of their realities are the same, so the distinctive features are in how they approach things or what part of their personalities they bring into their roles as moms. Mine the types of questions that would apply to some but not all moms. Let’s look at one question example from the mom-quiz below.

Illustrations-Francis Blake

Illustrations-Francis Blake

In the example above, most moms bake but some might be more concerned about healthy snacks (so a few options are more health conscious), while others might focus on the fundraising goals (selling to support a school cause), so the richer tasting, the better!

The idea is to target answer options that will lead the quiz-taker in the end to get a result they can relate to in part or in whole, giving the mom the “Yup, that could be me” feeling when she reads her result. It’s that type feeling that will make readers feel like opt-ing in and signing up for your subscriber list or other offers.

The sign-up feature – right on the result page 

In the case of ParentsCanada, they recently launched a free digital version of their print magazine so they invited quiz-takers to click on the link to sign up to receive it.

Illustrations -Francis Blake
Illustrations -Francis Blake

Illustrations – Francis Blake

2.    Quiz-tailoring articles for readers

So we looked at how a print publication can repurpose their content into an interactive quiz to add new content for their online readers. Now we’ll see how a business can quiz-tailor their content to direct readers to the content that matters most for them.

Photojojo is an online business that offers cool DIY project ideas, great photo tips, a gadget store, an online course called Phoneography 101, and basically anything that might interest a photofile.

Like many online businesses, they have tons of content on their blog, great gadgets in their store and a reported 13,320 graduates from their online four-week course that teaches the principles of photography through the lens of a phone.

I designed a personality quiz called “What’s Your Photography Style” so that readers can take the quiz and be directed to the articles or items that appeal most to their photography style. The quiz looks like this:

photo quiz cover page

photo quiz Q1 photo quiz Q2 photo quiz Q3 photo quiz Q4 photo quiz Q5

photo quiz Q6

The sign-up box

Before the reader gets the results, they have the opportunity to opt-in and be entered into a draw for their online course. This was my idea but ultimately, this would be a great spot to get more subscribers to learn about Photojojo University.

photo quiz email

The quiz results and the tailored content 

And now for the results. Note that specific articles appear as links on the bottom of each result, so the reader can link directly to these posts and get a tailored walk to the content with most value for them. This specificity allows the reader to feel more catered to, ultimately creating a positive experience.

photo quiz result visionary

photo quiz result enthusiast

So finally to recap the two ideas put forward here: 1) take existing or archived content and repurpose it into a quiz and 2) use a quiz to tailor-suggest content to your readers.

Now it’s time to delve into your articles for evergreen or popular topics, parse the best parts of these articles into an interactive quiz and get long-term ROI along with long-term sharing value. Go for it!

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