How to re-purpose old content into new leads using a quiz

Did you know you re-using your content is a great way to increase your reach? Find out how to re-purpose old content into new leads with a quiz!

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On November 24th 2014, created a quiz using previously popular content and within 30 days they collected 5,826 new email leads. What Afar did is what I call “quiz-purposing” or the method of creating quizzes out of your old successful posts with the goal of bringing in new email leads.

Here’s how quiz-purposing works. First, you identify which pieces of content on your site are successful or most popular Second, you turn that content into a quiz. Third you add a lead generation form to the quiz and bring in new subscribers.

Today I want to give you a step-by-step guide for quiz-purposing your own content using the example from Afar that brought in 5,826 new subscribers so that you to can use your past successes to drive future customers.

Step-by-step guide to quiz-purposing.

1. Identify top performing posts.

Before you begin, you’ll need to find posts that are already popular with your audience. Here are two ways to identify what content is already performing well with your audience.

Through Google

Obviously you will have access to Google Analytics for your own site to see which posts get the most traffic, and you can also Google your own brand name where the top pages will show up under the main site in the search results.

In my screenshot below I’ve highlighted the Google result for, which shows that Polar Bear tours and a few other destinations are top pages. You can then see a quiz created by Nathab that has polar bear tours as one of the quiz results. That idea of equating a quiz result to a top post is the general premise of quiz-purposing.

google.jpgThrough Buzzsumo

With Buzzsumo you can identify top posts based on social shares rather than total traffic, an alternate way of picking top content.

In the screenshot below you see the Buzzsumo top shared posts for, and #1 is a guide to travelling in India, which was then turned into a quiz result.


2. Create a quiz based on the top content

After deciding what kind of quiz you want it’s time to actually create the quiz as a whole. There is a process for doing this, and after analyzing over 10,000 quizzes built with Interact I’ve come up with some best practices for creating awesome quizzes out of your content.

Build results out of your top pages.

The results of your quiz are based off the top content as identified in the previous step. The goal is to summarize these posts in an appealing way that promotes sharing and click-throughs to check out the full posts. Here’s how to achieve that.

results.jpg1. Have appealing titles. This is the easy part, basically just use the titles of the posts you are making the quiz from. They already performed well, so don’t change them. When someone shares your quiz, it will be in the format “I got (my result title)(title of the quiz)” so in the example below it would be “I got recharge in India – where should you go in 2015?” These titles are important

2. Use pictures. Again, if your content pieces selected in step one have images then by all means use those. If not, then make sure to include an image with each quiz result. Again, these images will be included when people share your quiz so spend time on them.

3. Write a brief description of the post. Turn the piece of content each result is based off of into a short summary that ties the quiz taker in. Remember that you are turning these articles into quiz results, and quizzes are a one-to-one medium, not a mass broadcast. You want to give a preview of the full article, but also apply it to the person taking the quiz.

For example, the result below starts with “Sounds like you are looking for a relaxing getaway…” which gives hints of what the full article about India has to offer, but also speaks directly to the person who gets this quiz result.

4. Link out to the full post. Obviously you want to continue the conversation, this quiz result is really meant to be just a teaser of what your content has to offer.

Write quiz questions that will lead to the results

So now you have all your quiz results set up and you need questions that filter people to the correct one so that you can benefit from personalizing your best content for each person.

The questions should feel like a game in order to maximize the interaction and trust built with quiz takers. Building trust during this question and answer part is important because you are going to ask for information from your quiz takers so having some level of rapport can help with that.

Really you just want to sound human, be yourself, and use images. Then tie each answer to a particular result. In my example below I’ve marked which answer correlates to which result – this scoring system should be non-obvious to your quiz takers so they stay immersed in the experience, but also simple enough for you to set up.


Add a lead generation form into the quiz.

This is the good part. Adding an opt-in form turns a popular quiz into a lead generating machine. The form appears between the last question and the quiz results, and when done right the opt-in rates can approach 50% (the afar quiz achieved a 43% conversion rate). There are a few best practices for writing the call to action on this part.


1. A call to action that’s relevant to the quiz content.

The primary incentive for getting opt-ins is the appeal of seeing your quiz result, but since there’s an obvious skip button that’s not enough to entice people every time. Afar does a nice job of up-selling their newsletter as its own reason for opting in – obviously I’m interested in travel if I’m taking this quiz, so getting travel tips in my inbox sounds pretty great.

2. Let people skip if they’re not interested

The afar quiz certainly could’ve achieved a higher opt-in rate if they had prevented people from skipping the opt-in gate, but that would have also resulted in more spam emails. In general it builds trust between brand and quiz taker to give them an option.

Create a title and cover that draw people in

Yes, you know this quiz will resonate with your audience because it’s based off of previously successful articles, but that doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed to get clicks. The cover of your quiz is what draws the internet people in to your quiz so they can potentially opt-in. Here are a few tips on writing a quiz title and making the cover.

5.jpg1. Answer a question. In this case it’s “Where should you go?” but this could be anything “What should you wear?” “How should you invest?” “What job should you get?” all of these titles could work for quiz-purposing.

2. Put a big image in there. This afar quiz honestly doesn’t have a great cover photo, in general you want to use pictures of people, our minds are wired to respond to pictures of faces, so having a person on your cover photo will draw in the eyes of potential quiz takers who are scrolling through social feeds.

3. Give a sneak preview of the quiz. The short description of your quiz is meant to entice potential quiz takers to click the “take quiz” button and head down that glorious funnel you’ve created on their way to opting in to your list.

3. Share and embed your new quiz

Now that you have an amazing quiz that’s sure to be popular, it’s time to get it out into the world. Thankfully this is a really simple process, given that quizzes get 75% of their traffic from Twitter and Facebook. To maximize your quiz traffic, just follow these two guidelines.


Share a few times

Afar shared their quiz on Facebook five times with nearly identical engagement on each post. The main reason for doing this is because a lot of your followers don’t see any given update on Twitter or Facebook, so sharing a  few times helps reach a larger percentage of your audience.

Embed in your site to keep traffic and convert more people

Embedding your quiz allows you to enable the closed loop method, which basically means you keep all the traffic when people share your quiz.

7.jpg’s quiz brought in 5,826 new email leads without them having to create any new content (apart from putting it into quiz form).

If you start with content that people care about, then turn it into a quiz and add a personalized lead capture form, good things tend to happen. Quiz-purposing is the art and science of using your previous successful content to create future customers. I encourage you to give it a shot and share your stories in the comments.

Create a Quiz to Re-purpose Your Content Now