How to Recommend the Right Training Solutions to Potential Customers

The easiest way to recommend the right training solutions to your potential customers is through a quiz. This will help your business boost customer satisfaction and business growth by providing the right content at the right time. 

We will demo Brittney of Brittney’s Brand’s quiz, who used Interact AI to get started. You can see exactly how we take Brittnety’s offerings and use a quiz to point the right people to the training solution they need based on their personal business journey. 

Today, we will show you how to build this specific type of quiz using ChatGPT!

Using ChatGPT to Recommend the Right Training Solutions

Once you log into ChatGPT, you want to start with the prompt shown below for some added context: 


You would want to customize this prompt to fit better for your business. 

Next, you want to tell ChatGPT which training solutions you offer:

ChatGPT Solutions

Then, you will use the following prompt: 

Recommend the right solutions

This prompt will allow ChatGPT to create personal results or outcomes for your quiz: 


These results point people to the right training solution based on the result they receive. If you take a closer look at outcome 1, you can see that this outcome is for someone who’s just getting started and still trying to figure out the right products to sell in their business. The outcome points the customer to the free training solution, whereas outcome 3 points the customer to “Plug and Play Launch Kit.” 

You’re giving the right person in your audience the content that they need based on where they’re at in their journey.

Let’s take a look at how to build your quiz!

Building Out Your Quiz in Interact

Once you follow the rest of the ChatGPT prompts and build your quiz in Interact, this is what it’s going to look like: 

Interact Quiz

Your customers can click “Take Quiz,” then they will answer your quiz questions to get an accurate result based on where they’re at.

We will try and get that “Beauty Boss in Training” result for today’s purpose. All the options picked throughout the quiz implied that we are relatively new to an entrepreneurship journey. 

Quick side note: This is an engagement question where the answers don’t actually relate to a final outcome: 

Interact Quiz Questions

This type of question is great for engagement and getting people to think about their

business goals and aspirations. You can also use this question for segmentation to see

how people answer it. It can help you learn about a few more questions: 

  • Are your customers interested in being environmentally conscious, inclusive and innovative, or trendy and fast-growing?
  • Which celebrity do they most relate to you? 

You can use the answers to these questions in your marketing efforts to speak to the majority of your audience. 

Now back to taking the quiz!

After finishing the quiz, we did get the “Beauty Boss In Training” result: 

Interact Quiz Result

This is where Brittney can recommend her free training to get started. 

Final Thoughts 

If you want to be efficient like Brittney, head over to Interact’s own AI tool and fill out the form with any quiz ideas you have. Also, include your website or the training solutions to which you want to point your customers, and the Interact team will create your quiz for you.

Check out this video for all the prompts you’ll need to write your quiz using ChatGPT!

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