How to sort quiz leads into MailChimp list segments

Are you looking to sort your quiz leads into MailChimp list segments? Here’s what you need to do to get started with list segments!

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I work on the Digital Strategy team at a women’s health research nonprofit where our Development team created a fun quiz to include in a fundraising appeal letter.  In searching for ways to adapt the quiz for social media, I stumbled on Interact. In a couple of hours I set up our quiz and embedded it on our website. Cool!  I then saw that for a few extra bucks I could forward the leads directly to our e-mail client, MailChimp. Awesome!  And this is where I ran into a brick wall.

I wanted to sign up anyone who took the quiz and shared their email to our general email list, triggering a custom welcome email to be delivered to them.  Easy, right? Not so fast…

The problem is that the Interact quiz lead capture only gives the ability to auto-add emails into a MailChimp list, not a segment.  We have our MailChimp account set up to breakdown our lists into segments—when users sign up one of our newsletters they are added to a corresponding segment. Translation = all the emails Interact was sending us weren’t being added to a segment, and hence not being signed up to any our newsletters. No good.

Further complicating matters, I had set up a custom welcome series in MailChimp for people joining our listserv via the quiz, but had no way to trigger the email since I couldn’t figure out how to identify quiz leads.

So here’s what I did:

Step 1: Add quiz takers to our general newsletter segment

Log into MailChimp. Click on “Lists”, and select your email list.  Click on the “manage subscribers” dropdown and select “Segments”. Click on “Edit” to the right of your email segment Add a condition that reads “Interact Quiz” “is not blank.”  Click “Save and View segment”. If you scroll right you should see a column titled “Interact Quiz Result”. Click on it once or twice and you´ll see everyone who got on your list via the quiz.

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Step 2: Create a unique quiz segment

To have a clean view of all quiz leads I set up a new segment in MailChimp, naming it Quiz leads. I went through the same process, above, to add a condition that reads “Interact Quiz” “is not blank.”  Bonus: to dedupe people who are already on your list, you can export the segment to Excel and compare the Last Changed and Date Added.

how to connect mailchimp to interact quizzes

Step 3: Set up an automation workflow to trigger a welcome email

I won’t go into the specifics of setting up workflows in MailChimp and I encourage you to read this handy MailChimp tutorial on automation workflows. Main point here is under “segmentation conditions” select the quiz segment, and make sure to check the box above it “Trigger workflow when subscribers are imported.”


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