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If you’ve ever found yourself completely overwhelmed by creating content from scratch, know this: I see you!

Let’s be real—the moment you decide to step up your business and create a quiz to build your list and gain qualified leads, EVERYTHING comes to the surface. 

Questions like: 

“Am I going to be judged for this?” 

“How much do I really know about my business?”

“Will people be inspired to take this thing?!”

“Can I even do this?!” 

Look, creating content is no easy feat. It requires a willingness to put yourself out there, to accept imperfection, and to try something completely new for your business. 

So, take a deep breath (right here, right now) and acknowledge the first and most important step: showing up! 

You’ve done the hardest part. You’ve committed to show up for the work—and that, my friend, should be celebrated.

Oh, and by the way, you don’t have to do it alone. Your Interact team will have your back throughout the entire process, making it that much easier—and more fun! 

Creating a quiz should be engaging, fun, and satisfying. And so, we’ve created a ton of resources to make the process much more fulfilling and easy for you.

In this article, we’ll look at the benefits of our Quiz Templates feature and go through the step-by step instructions for making a high-quality, conversion-focused quiz using our industry-specific templates. 

Let’s take a look! 

Why use a quiz template? 

Just sitting down to write your quiz can feel like a lot. Wouldn’t it be nice to take the pressure off, knowing you have a solid foundation to work from? 

Well, that is exactly what a quiz template will do for you. 

Quiz templates are designed to give you a starting point. They’re meant to relieve the pressure around creating a quiz entirely from scratch, save you time, and help you focus on getting your unique message across. 

If you’re wondering whether you should consider using a template when writing your quiz, let’s do a check-in! 

A quiz template will help if you:

  • need inspiration on what to include in your quiz 
  • are short on time and want to get your content out quickly
  • want a made-to-use quiz with logic, ready to get users their end results 
  • don’t have a quiz yet and feel overwhelmed by the process 
  • looove structure and working within a framework but already have a ton of content you could plug in easily
  • just plain enjoy an easier way! 

The bottom line is that quiz templates are designed to fit into your unique business model seamlessly, making your life a heck of a lot easier. And who wouldn’t love that?! 

Interact has made using templates a piece of cake. With over 150 professionally written and industry-specific templates designed to convert visitors into subscribers and buyers, you’ll be off to the races in no time. You can browse some of our many quiz templates here

Not sure how to pick the right template for your business? Let’s take a look. 

Choosing the right template 

Okay, so you’ve established that you want to use a quiz template to build your first quiz—great! Now, how do you choose the right one for your business? 

First thing first: ask yourself the below questions: 

  • What type of quiz will be a good fit for my audience?
  • What is my “niche” or primary industry?
  • What is my ultimate goal for building a quiz? What do I want my audience to learn from taking this quiz? What do I want to learn from my audience? 

Let’s narrow down the search! 

Now it’s time to consider how you answered the above questions and make a decision. And trust me, I get it: 150 different quizzes with over 30 industries to choose from can feel like a lot! 

This is why you’ve got to start with where you are! Head over to Interact’s quiz templates and browse through the categories. Take a couple of the quizzes so you can get a feel for how you want to build your quiz with the help of a template. 

Inside the Quiz Templates feature, there are categories ranging from coaching, skin care, B2B, and beyond. You’ll rarely be short of industry options to sift through. 

And if you don’t see a quiz template that matches your unique business model, fear not! Tell us what you’re looking for specifically, and we’ll get our writing team on top of it so you have the perfect template at your fingertips. 

You even have the option to book a 15-minute strategy call with one of our Quiz Experts. Sometimes it’s just easier to talk it out with someone and get your ideas out in the open, in which case, our team is here to help.

And finally, if you’re still lost on where to start, take our Quiz Template Quiz to find out which template will best help you build your email list and create more sales for your business. 

Once you’ve decided on a quiz template that works for you, remember that you can customize it to suit your business’s unique needs. Don’t think working from a template means you’re using work that isn’t yours—that’s just not the case! 

You can tweak your template to fit your business, brand, voice, messaging, and other things your audience might be saying. 

In other words, you can relax knowing that you are still creating a quiz that is uniquely and ethically YOURS. Even if you change out every single word of content inside the quiz, you’ll still be ahead of the game because you’ll be working from a solid foundation. Remember, we’re all about ease over here. 

Now that you know how to choose the right template for your quiz, let’s get down to the fun stuff—using a template in the Interact builder! 

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How to use a quiz template in the builder 

All right, now that you’ve got your topic nailed down, let’s look at how you can use a template to build out your quiz inside the Interact builder. 

To start, go to the dashboard and click “Create New Quiz.” On the next page, you’ll choose your industry and then be presented with a number of relevant templates. 

For this example, we’ll choose a template in the “career” industry. Look at the images below for a breakdown of what to do.

Step 1: Open the dashboard and click “Create New Quiz.”

Step 2: Select your industry from the left sidebar.

Step 3: Browse industry-specific quiz templates and try some on to see what fits!

Step 4: Choose a template and start editing directly inside the builder! 

Once you’ve chosen which template you want to work from, it’s time to edit it how you see fit! 

I recommend starting with the results pages and working your way backward. Your results pages are where your resources, personal bio, and call to action will live. This is why it makes sense to start editing this content first: it will be original and unique to you and your business. 

From there, tweak the results category to match how you want them to look! 

Remember, the results will give your audience an overview of how they answered your quiz questions. Your results should be oriented around the goals your audience is hoping to achieve. For example, if a quiz is titled, “What’s your next side hustle?”, make sure your results answer that question. 

After that, make any necessary edits to your quiz questions! Oh, and don’t forget to edit your question correlations once you finish since they may change. Check out the image below for instructions or refer to The Quiz Course.

Hot tips on writing your quiz with a template

And there you have it! Writing your quiz has never been easier when you have the help of a ton of templates to get started. 

easy giphy

Now that you know how to build a quiz using templates, below are some hot tips to keep in your back pocket for customization: 

  • Make it your own! These templates are FULLY customizable. You can customize every part of your quiz, from fonts, colors, images, and beyond. 
  • Use image answers. Want to make your quiz a bit more engaging and fun? Use lots of images! Not only as headers in the questions, but within the questions themselves. Our customization feature makes browsing GIPHYS and Unsplash stock photos a breeze. 
  • Repurpose that content! Got a podcast you want to share? Maybe a juicy blog with a ton of useful information? Use your results page to repurpose some of that good content and add some serious value to your quiz-taker’s journey.
  • Make it authentic. Just because you’re using a template doesn’t mean there’s no room for your unique voice to shine through. Your quiz will always be more successful when it comes from YOU, so don’t be shy! 
  • Make your calls to action clear. By the time your quiz-taker has taken your quiz, they should be primed and ready to take action. Direct your audience to a specific place, whether it’s signing up for your emails, to work with you 1:1, or to shop your products. 

And don’t forget to let them know this is just the beginning! If they signed up to receive your emails, then they should expect to see you in their inbox. Happy quizzing! 

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