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There is one very specific way to use a quiz for lead generation that works extremely well. Here’s a guide through how it works.

*Please note: I’m going to guide you down a very specific path for how to make a lead generation quiz that works. I’m leaving out a ton of features that interact has, if you’re looking to see all of our functionalities, check out the main website at

Here’s a graphic showing what we’re going to be working towards.

leadgen quiz

We’re going to embed a lead generation quiz on and then point all promotions back to that page so people take the quiz on your domain and are on your website.

Here are some examples of embedded quizzes so you get a feel for what that looks like in action.




For the purpose of this tutorial we’re going to go through the steps to setting up your lead generation quiz. I’m going to purposely avoid a lot of the features that interact has to offer in order to make this guide as simple as possible, if you’re looking for all that we have to offer go to the main site at

Step 1: The Quiz You Will Use

quiz idea

Coming up with a quiz idea is the first step. What we’re looking for here is a quiz that does two things.

1. Attracts the right people and makes them want to take your quiz

2. Does not attract the wrong people, so you don’t have the wrong people taking your quiz

There is a whole article on coming up with a quiz idea, click here for that. But for right now I’ll go over the basic steps.

First, define your audience in one word. I.E. “Marketers” (that’s what it is for interact” “Business Owners” “Fashionistas” “IT Gurus” whatever group of people buys your product is what this word should be.

Second, make a quiz for this audience by saying “What Kind Of (Audience Member) Are You?” I.E. “What Kind Of Marketer Are You?” “What Kind Of Business Owner Are You?” Whatever your audience is, make a quiz to help them find out what type they are.

The reason people take quizzes is because of two things. They get to talk about themselves, and they get to learn about themselves. Making a quiz following that two-step format will guarantee that they get to do both and make your quiz attract the right people and the right people only.

Step 2: Styling Your Quiz


For how your quiz looks there are two main aspects of importance.

1. Make the quiz look like your website. You’ll be embedding it on your site and you don’t want it to look different from the rest of your content. This is because you’ve already established trust with your audience and you want that trust to carry over to your quiz. Interact will let you change all the elements of your quiz to match your site, here’s an overview of what you can do.

2. Add your own branding. White label your quiz for added assurance of brand integrity.


Step 3: Creating The Quiz Results


With personality quizzes, which is the type of quiz that works best for lead generation, and the one we are showing for this tutorial, you set up the results before you set up the questions. Logistically, you want 3-5 of these personalities.

In order to come up with the personalities, you have to think about your customers and the various types of people they are. I’ll give you an example.

For us, selling to marketers, there are a few distinct personalities that pop out.

1. The Content Marketer – Always focused on putting out quality, fresh content

2. The Social Marketer – Always connecting on social media and networking virtually for success

3. The Analytical Marketer – The one who knows all the numbers and statistics

There are far more, but these are the biggest and most distinct, so it’s what we’d use as our personalities for our quiz.

Within each personality you’ll write a 2-3 sentence description that is both positive and funny, and then provide a call to action button that links to a resource for blog post that applies to that particular personality.


Step 4: Creating The Quiz Questions


There are two parts to writing good questions.

1. Logistics

-Write 7 Questions

-For each question there will be one answer choice that correlates to each of the results (so if you have three results, write 3 answer choices, one that correlates to each result)

-Write text questions with image answer choices

Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 9.43.12 AM

2. The questions themselves.

I have two resources for you.

-A List of 50 Quiz Questions You Can Use

-A Guide On How To Write Quiz Questions

Step 5: Setting Up The Logic For Your Quiz


To set up the logic for your quiz, each answer choice of each question should correlate to the result it represents. Here’s a screenshot of what that looks like when setting it up in interact. For more detailed explanation of how this works and all the options available to you, click here.


Step 6: Setting Up Lead Capture & Segmentation


In interact you can map your quiz results to sequences or automations (they are called different things based on which email marketing system you use). We integrate with all the major systems. Here’s a very simplified diagram of how it works.


Step 7: Creating Follow-Up Email Sequences For Quiz Leads


We’ve got a full set of templates for follow-up emails, which you can access here, but I’ll give a brief overview now.

Here’s the sequence.

Email #1: Send the quiz results again. Write longer descriptions of the quiz results (3-4 paragraphs instead of the 2-3 sentences in the quiz itself). Link to the same resource you linked to in the results of the quiz. This is a like a second change, if they didn’t see everything the first time here it is again.

Email #2: Send resources for the result. Send personalized blog posts, resources, courses, etc. for the particular quiz result.

Email #3: Send tips for the result. Send suggestions for how to improve on each result

Email #4: Call to action email. Invite people to take the next step, come to a webinar, attend a call, whatever it is for your business.

Step 8: Promoting Your Quiz Effectively



We’ve got a full walk-through on promoting your quiz here. Right now I want to share the abbreviated version.

1. Embed the quiz onto your site at

2. Promote the quiz using a Popup/Announcement Bar/Navigation link on your website. Make it prominent on your site and point the links to

3. Promote the quiz on Facebook with an ad. We’ll provide a preview of what the ad should look like, and we have a full guided setup process here for making a Facebook ad.

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