How to write a quiz for your VIP Day services

More and more service providers are implementing VIP Day services into their business model. 

And for good reason! A VIP Day can help you free up space in your business while adding value for your clients in far less time. On top of that, a VIP Day will help you scale your business, as these services typically sell at a high ticket price. 

So how do you get people to not only become aware of your service, but then actually sign up? This article has got you covered! 

To drive traffic to your VIP Day service, you need to build the appropriate sales funnel to get people there. A sales funnel is simply a step-by-step guide showing your visitor how they can become a paid customer. This step is crucial to the customer journey, as it drives your audience from awareness to action. 

At Interact, we’re all about inspiring businesses to grow their audiences, especially through quizzes. And having an interactive quiz as part of your sales funnel could be the ticket to turning that curious visitor into a qualified customer. Follow the steps below to create your own lead generation quiz to funnel your audience to your VIP Day! 

Table of contents:

Create a VIP day service quiz

Create your own VIP day service quiz using a template that you can customize for your business

Why use a quiz to funnel to your VIP Day service? 

There are a number of ways to use lead magnets to drive traffic to your services. And in the case of your VIP Day services, a quiz may be the best avenue. 

So, what’s so great about using a quiz to promote your service? For starters, quizzes are interactive and a ton of fun for your audience. They get a chance to learn something new about themselves while becoming aware of a specific problem and potential solution. A quiz will also help quiz-takers uncover valuable information about your services. Things like: 

  • What their current pain points are 
  • What stage their business is in compared to where they want to get it
  • What skills they need to get there 
  • How and why a VIP Day would benefit their business 

And, most importantly, a quiz will funnel your audience to your email list, where you can follow up with specialized offers and insights to your VIP Days! 

Now that you know quizzes are the way to go, let’s look at how you can start. 

Step 1: Choose a quiz template and copy it into the Interact builder 

When creating your quiz, you can either start from scratch or choose from one of our customizable templates. There are over 150 industry-specific templates to choose from, so you can create a high-quality quiz that converts with about half the effort. Whether you’re in the coaching industry or looking to create a VIP Day for your copywriting services, there’s a quiz template for you! 

To choose a template to work from, simply log into your Interact account, toggle over to the left, where it says, “What industry are you in?” For this example, we’ll select “Life coaching.” From there, click “Use this template” to load the pre-built quiz template into your Interact builder. 

What’s important to remember about quiz templates is that you can totally customize them! You may change out the content entirely, and that’s completely fine; it’s more important that you have a foundation to work from.

Once you have your template picked out, it’s time to work on the topic and title. 

Step 2: Select a topic and title for your VIP day quiz

A good quiz topic reflects your business and services while answering your audience’s most important questions. In short, your quiz topic and title should address these things: 

  • Your audience’s struggle 
  • Their hopes and desires
  • The answers they are looking for 

In this case, your goal is to funnel your audience to your VIP Day service, so you’ll want your topic and title to reflect that while still answering some kind of question for quiz-takers. 

For example, if your VIP Day is centered around helping your clients launch a sales page, a question you might ask is, “Which type of service do you need to create a top-notch sales page in a day?” 

In the example below, the title highlights what type of project manager could take your business to the next level. You can see that the title addresses the problem, and the description offers insight into a potential solution. 

Make sense so far? Let’s keep going! 

Step 3: Create your results 

Your results are arguably the most fun part of the quiz! Here is where users find out where they stand—and you get to promote your amazing VIP Day services. Win-win! 

When creating a quiz, start with the results, then build your questions. Your questions will flow more seamlessly once you’re clear on the results. 

The results of your quiz should contain these things: 

  • Validation for users as to why they received their result. Quiz-takers should feel seen and understood through their result. 
  • Some points that surround the problem. Hot tip: keep it positive! You want to make your audience aware of the problem without discouraging them. 
  • A freebie or resource of some kind. Once users know where they stand and what the solution is, further nurture them with a tip to add value. Keep it short and sweet, and follow it up with a professional introduction to who you are. 
  • A solution to the problem you presented at the start. This makes for a seamless introduction to who you are and the services you offer!
  • A call to action! Remember, the goal of your quiz is to introduce your audience to your services. If you built in an opt-in form, your user will already know they signed up to receive your emails, but this is still a great reminder of how they can work with you. You can customize this button and link to a separate webpage where your VIP Day services live. 

Step 4: Edit your questions and correlations 

Now that your results are laid out, it’s time to set up your questions. Whether you’re working from scratch or from a template, your questions should directly correlate to your results. 

Comb through your results and identify the main differences between them. Knowing your results like the back of your hand will make writing out your questions a lot easier. 

From there, brainstorm a list of questions that will engage and excite your audience while identifying the information you need to help them. For inspiration, check out this blog about thoughtful quiz questions coaches can ask!

So, how many questions should you ask in your quiz? Typically, we recommend a mix of 7-10 situational, engaging, and segmentation questions. 

And if you’re wondering what any of that means or how to get started, lean on the Questions section of The Quiz Course

Hot tip: Use fun imagery and GIPHYs when creating your quiz questions. You can easily customize your question pages inside the builder. Simply hover over the text fields to add image answers or customize with your own content. 

Once you have your questions laid out, edit your result correlations so your questions properly match their corresponding category. To do this, click “Edit result correlation” if it’s a personality quiz or “Set answer scores” if it’s a scored quiz. 

Step 5: Share and promote your VIP day quiz! 

Once you’ve done the legwork to complete your quiz, it’s time for the most important step: share and promote! 

Your quiz brings your audience into the awareness stage of the quiz funnel. It makes them problem aware, and introduces your services as a potential solution. 

So how do you take your audience from awareness to purchasing your product (in this case, your VIP Day)? 

This is where promoting and nurturing your audience comes into play—and it is SO crucial to turn those leads into customers. 

When promoting your quiz, there are a few different ways you can do it. Let’s take a look. 

Embed to your website—This pretty much goes without saying, but your quiz should ALWAYS live on your website. To get started, refer to this blog on embedding a quiz onto any website.

Create a popup—It always pays to use a pop-up! Simply toggle over to the Popup button on the Share and Embed page inside the builder. All you have to do from there is copy the code and paste it into your website builder. 

Hot tip: If you use WordPress, copy and paste the link using a plugin. If you use any other website, copy and paste the Javascript code to the closing </head> tag of your site.

Promote on social media—Social media is a gateway into your services. It’s also one of the best ways to grow your audience organically. You can promote your quiz by clicking on Share Link inside the builder, then copy the text to any social media platform. For more on that, check out this blog on using social media to promote your quiz. 

Create an awesome nurture sequence email—Promoting your quiz is crucial, but remember that generating sales for your VIP service is all about what comes after your quiz. Once your user becomes aware, it’s up to you to continue to prime them for your services.

Email sequences are a great way to take quiz-takers from interested leads to qualified buyers. Plus, if someone has spent the time to take your quiz, they’re interested in hearing more from you. We typically recommend a three-part welcome email sequence before merging subscribers into your main mailing list.

Wrapping up

There you have it! You now have everything you need to create a quiz to funnel your audience to your VIP Day service. Let’s look at everything you learned in this guide: 

Why you should use a quiz to promote your VIP Day service: A quiz is a fun and interactive way to promote your services and generate more leads! Plus, you’ll learn valuable information about your audience that will help you further refine your services. 

How to create a quiz for your VIP Day service: From coming up with a topic, to correlating questions and answers, this guide is something you can always refer back to for support. 

Sharing and promoting: Sharing on your website, using a pop-up, or posting on social media platforms are great ways to promote your quiz! Go a step further and create an effective three-part email sequence to turn warm leads into qualified buyers. 

Happy quizzing! 

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