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A great quiz can drive traffic, email signups, and links to your site; but a poorly written quiz will damage your reputation. We’ve crunched numbers on over 20,000 quiz takers to discover the most important aspects of a quiz that engages and entertains an audience. Here are the top four most important things to remember.

1. Be Personal: It’s no secret that we are obsessed with ourselves. Whether your quiz tells the taker what personality type they have or if they should start a business, addressing personal issues leads to the most interaction. well organized2. Give something away: We’re not talking about a free ipad, but rather intellectual knowledge. If your quiz promises to tell the taker how they can improve their marketing and at the end you simply give a link or worse yet only a score, you will have disappointing visitors. Make sure that the promise in your quiz title is properly carried through in the results.

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3. Be Long-Term Relevant: While it may seem fun to do a quiz on the latest fad or newest technology, topics that don’t last perform worse in the long run. If you want your quiz to constantly attract attention and pull in leads, it’s got to be evergreen.

Topics that are not long-term:

-The newest video games

-The latest iphone

-The newest hit songs

Topics that are long-term:


-Technology (in general)

-Marketing and sales tactics

These are just examples, but the point is to ask yourself if anyone will care about your quiz in three months. If they won’t then it’s probably not a very good idea.

4. Keep it short: For every question beyond #10 you will lose 2% of your audience. People want results and they want them now, not ten minutes from now after answering your fifty question quiz. The sweet spot for most quizzes is 6-12 questions.

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