How to Write Quiz Questions Using AI(ChatGPT) and Real Conversations

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ChatGPT is helpful in creating all kinds of content. Most importantly, it saves you time so you can focus on what you do best. Creating a quiz can take a lot of mental energy, even when you know what you want to ask your audience. Today, we’ll discuss how to write quiz questions using AI(ChatGPT) and your real conversations with customers. 

Let’s dive in with best practices and how to prompt ChatGPT!

The Thirty-Second Version (TL:DR)

Time needed: 20 minutes.

Write Your Quiz Questions with AI(ChatGPT):

  1. Gather customer data and testimonials.

    Use data gathered from real conversations and paste it into a PDF. Convert the PDF to an indexed URL using WordPress or Hubspot.
    1 2

  2. Tell ChatGPT about you and your business in your first prompt.

    Tell ChatGPT who you are, what your business is, and who your ideal customers are.2 2

  3. Ask ChatGPT to identify the main themes of your data.

    Paste the URL for your customer research and ask ChatGPT to identify the main themes.3 1

  4. Ask ChatGPT to write your quiz questions.

    Use a prompt to ask ChatGPT to write your quiz questions based on the main themes of your customer data.
    4 2

Best Practices for Quiz Questions

Quizzes offer a specific function, allowing you to reach your audience at scale. Once a quiz-taker starts your quiz, the goal is to keep them engaged with questions that resonate. These best practices will help you formulate your questions in ChatGPT and adjust the prompt to work for you. 

Interact Quiz Question Best Practices:

  • Keep the quiz short, between five to ten questions. 
    • This length will take quiz-takers about two minutes to complete, keeping them engaged without overwhelming them.
  • Use concise and relevant questions that lead quiz-takers to the proper results. 
    •  Each answer choice should reflect a characteristic of each outcome result. Ask yourself: Does this question have a purpose for my ideal customer?
  • Use one to three questions purely for customer research.
    • Ask a few questions to learn more about your audience to help you make informed business decisions. 

Now let’s take a closer look at how to write quiz questions with AI(ChatGPT) and real conversations you have with your customers.

Have Real Conversations With Your Customers

Customer research is valuable in all parts of your business. Use customer research to formulate quiz questions so you KNOW what to ask your audience instead of guessing. Rather than sending out surveys, get personal and have real conversations with your customers.

  • Get on quick calls (15-30 minutes) and let your customer talk.
  • Gather testimonials. After every good conversation, ask your customers to leave a review or submit a testimonial.
  • Ditch the automatic email sequences and engage with your audience through personal email conversations or social media. 
  • Listen more than speak! You want to hear what keywords they use, where they get stuck, and their desires. 

Once you know your audience’s needs, struggles, and desires, use this data for your quiz questions. 

Now, let’s learn how to write quiz questions using AI(ChatGPT) and your real conversations.

How to Write Quiz Questions With AI(ChatGPT) and Real Conversations

When you get the hang of ChatGPT, it’s easy to tweak prompts and craft new ones. When using ChatGPT for any content, tell the AI who you are to get the best output. Then, start asking AI(ChatGPT) to help with your content. 

  • Gather your testimonials and customer data into a PDF. 
  • Convert your PDF to an indexed URL using WordPress or Hubspot
  • Head over to OpenAI. Tell ChatGPT who you are, what your business is, and who your ideal customers are.

Prompt: “I’m a [insert title] that helps [insert ideal customer + summary services/products].”

  • Paste the URL for your customer research and ask ChatGPT to read the text. 

Prompt: “Read the text on this page and identify the main themes: [insert link URL].”

  • You can also copy and paste your customer research. ChatGPT can read roughly forty-eight pages of text at a time. 

Prompt: “Here are ten testimonials from my customers: [insert ten samples]. What are the main points of their feedback and pain points?”

  • Ask ChatGPT to formulate questions for your quiz. 

Prompts for Quiz Questions

Before this step, tell ChatGPT about you, your business, and your customer research. You’ll get better output for your quiz questions, and all you’ll have to do is pick and choose. 

Prompt: “I want to make a quiz titled: “[insert quiz title]?” Write five questions with four answer choices per question, related to the main themes above. Follow this format when creating the questions. 
Question 1: [question text]
Answer A: [answer text]
Answer A Score: [outcome title]”
(included as an image for formatting purposes)

Pro Tip: While we recommend five to ten questions, you can continue asking ChatGPT for more questions with additional tweaks. 

Prompt: “Now write five more questions related to the main themes in a positive tone. Do not repeat the same type of question.”

Looking Forward 

Quizzes are a great way to reach your audience and build “know, like, and trust.” Knowing how to write quiz questions using AI(ChatGPT) and real conversations is beneficial for making connections and leads to loyal customers and better sales. AI(ChatGPT) helps you get there faster by identifying trends in your customer research, organizing common themes, and formulating quiz questions. 

Let’s see what you can create for your quiz!

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