How To Write Quiz Results

Find out what you need to do to write great quiz results that people appreciate, respond to, and share on social media!

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A quiz should have 3-5 results at a minimum. For personality quizzes you don’t want much more than that because it will over-complicate your quiz. For assessments and scored quizzes you can have more results if needed to support your quiz setup.

Results should be only 2-3 sentences. If you need to explain the result further do it by email or by linking to another page on your website.


When you’re writing quiz results descriptions, there  there are three things to think about, they make a nice acronym, SPF, but not like the sunscreen.

S: Specific

Each result should be written to the person who is getting it. If it’s a personality result, make sure you talk about why the person seeing this result is this way. See this example below of a quiz result titled “Independent Entrepreneur” where there is a very specific description given based on the fact that this is my result.


No one wants to see a result that is overly general, especially after they’ve spent the time answering the personal questions on your quiz. That’s why it’s important to have at least 3-5 results because you wont’ be able to be specific if you don’t have enough results options.

The way to write specific results that don’t annoy people by giving the wrong result is by making specific generalities. For example “You can be very outgoing when you want to be, but also need some alone time to recharge.” In that statement I basically just called someone an introvert and an extrovert, but it seems very specific. You can do this by writing one strong statement followed by a weaker contradictory statement so both have weight and balance out the result without detracting from either assertion.

P: Positive

If you want your quiz results to be shared, make them positive. The most shared emotion on every social media network is positivity, it’s why we love dog videos so much, they’re always emotionally charged with positive feelings.

There are a few ways to easily accomplish this.

Show people their gifts

Highlight the best elements about someone’s personality and call them out specifically, this is the easiest way to show the good side of someone.

description 2

Make the bad be a good

Even if someone gets a low score on an assessment, or gets a personality that is less desirable on a quiz, you can turn it around and make it a good thing. For example, if you have a quiz “How Much Do You Know About Marketing?” and someone scores a 0, you can make that a good thing by saying “You haven’t developed any bad habits about marketing, so you’re in the perfect position to begin with a good foundation of knowledge!”

F: Funny

The second most-shared emotion on social media is humor, if you want people to share and promote your quiz, err on the side of funny rather than straight serious descriptions. This isn’t a requirement, and don’t force it, forced humor is worse than none at all.


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