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Last Friday at 8am the Interact servers went down. Luckily we use an elastic server on AWS and they were back up and running in minutes. When we looked back to see what had caused the outage, it could be traced back to at TV show called Studio C which had sent over 10,000 quiz takers in a matter of minutes blasting through our site.

Studio C has a loyal audience, but is by no means a blockbuster production, yet the traffic they’ve drive with their quiz is phenomenal. Their quiz is titled “Which Studio C Character are You?” and has now received more than 100,000 views.

The same principle applies really well to any TV show, the audience is in place and follows your characters closely, all you have to do is create some contextually relevant questions that reference the show itself and tie those questions to the characters and you’ve got an excellent quiz on your hands.

Tips for writing TV Show quizzes. 

While in general you can follow the personality quiz guidelines we’ve spelled out in this guide, TV show quizzes have some specific features that can make them stand out from the crowd.

  • Include the TV Show name in your title. This might seem obvious, but make sure to have the name of your show in the quiz title. For example “Which Studio C Character are You?” this will help with branding and SEO traffic.
  • Match the show style in your questions and results. Your quiz should feel like a continuation of the show. If the show is goofy, write goofy questions, if the show is mysterious, write mysterious questions.
  • Include lots of pictures of people. I have yet to hear of a popular TV show that doesn’t involve people. Make sure your quiz highlights the actors who make it popular. The cover photo, questions, and results should all have pictures of people.



Writing quizzes for TV shows is an easy process comparative to other industries. The best TV quizzes are personality type ones that help you discover which character you are most like. Just follow the simple guidelines above and you’ll be rocking an excellent quiz in no time!

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