Ikigai Quiz Questions and Answers

Use these ikigai questions for exploring and enhancing your life’s purpose. Questions range from simple initial thoughts to deep reflections on life’s meaning. They are perfect for discovering your personal ikigai. These questions are meaningful and meant to deepen understanding of life’s purpose. You can also use them to make your own ikigai quiz.

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ikigai excitement question

What activity most likely sparks a sense of excitement and purpose in you?
A. Creating something new, like art or a project.
B. Volunteering or helping in my community.
C. Learning a new skill or undertaking courses.
D. Spending quality time with family and friends.

Imagine your perfect day dedicated to your passions. What does it involve?
A. Immersing myself in nature and exploring.
B. Tackling a challenging puzzle or game.
C. Hosting a gathering for loved ones.
D. Working on a personal project that is close to my heart.

When you achieve something important, who is the first person you share it with?
A. My partner or best friend.
B. My family members.
C. My colleagues or peers.
D. I prefer to savor the moment by myself first.

If you could pick a symbol that represents your life’s purpose, what would it be?
A. A compass, always guiding me.
B. A bridge, connecting and supporting.
C. A book, full of stories and wisdom.
D. A tree, growing and branching out.

How do you usually find calm and balance amidst chaos?
A. Through meditation or mindfulness exercises.
B. Engaging in a hobby I love.
C. Talking things out with someone close.
D. Going for a walk or getting some fresh air.

Which of these roles do you naturally find yourself in during group activities?
A. The leader, orchestrating the plan.
B. The ideator, coming up with creative solutions.
C. The supporter, ensuring everyone feels included.
D. The observer, analyzing and learning from the sidelines.

How would you describe your dream community or network?
A. Vibrant and inspiring, always bustling with ideas.
B. Supportive and nurturing, like a big family.
C. Diverse and inclusive, full of different perspectives.
D. Calm and serene, a place for deep thought and reflection.

If money were no object, what’s the first thing you would do to enhance your ikigai?
A. Travel the world to learn new cultures and languages.
B. Start my own business or charity.
C. Enroll in classes for advanced learning.
D. Buy a home with space for all my hobbies and passions.

When do you feel the most fulfilled in your daily activities?
A. When I’m creatively challenged.
B. When I’m helping someone or making a difference.
C. When I’m able to teach or share knowledge.
D. When I check off everything on my to-do list.

What kind of stories or books resonate most with your sense of purpose?
A. Adventure tales that fire up my imagination.
B. Biographies of people who changed the world.
C. Self-help books that promote personal growth.
D. Mysteries that keep my mind sharp and engaged.

When you wake up in the morning, what is your first thought about the day ahead?
A. I think about the tasks I need to complete.
B. I’m usually excited about what I’ll experience.
C. I often feel unsure or indifferent.
D. I just want to get through the day.

How does your daily activity relate to your sense of purpose?
A. My daily activities are closely aligned with my purpose.
B. Only some of my activities feel purposeful.
C. Rarely do my activities feel connected to a deeper purpose.
D. I haven’t really thought about it.

What’s your approach to new opportunities?
A. I eagerly embrace them as a path to grow.
B. I evaluate if they align with my goals before pursuing.
C. I am cautious and often hesitate.
D. I prefer to stick with familiar routines.

How do you feel about your relationships with others?
A. They are vital and offer profound meaning to my life.
B. They are important, but not the main source of my purpose.
C. They are enjoyable but superficial.
D. They often distract from my personal goals.

How often do you engage in activities that you truly enjoy?
A. Almost always – my life is filled with enjoyable activities.
B. Frequently, but I wish I could do more.
C. Occasionally, I struggle to find the time.
D. Rarely, I am mostly caught up in obligations.

How do you view challenges in your life?
A. As opportunities to learn and strengthen my purpose.
B. As necessary hurdles on the path of life.
C. As obstacles that often derail my happiness.
D. As unfair burdens that I resent.

If you had more free time, what would you most likely spend it on?
A. Pursuing a passion that adds meaning to my life.
B. Relaxing and recuperating from daily stresses.
C. Catching up on tasks I am behind on.
D. I’m not sure; I rarely have free time.

When thinking about your contributions to others, how do you feel?
A. Proud and fulfilled, knowing I make a positive impact.
B. Hopeful that I am making a difference.
C. Uncertain about the value of my contributions.
D. I rarely think about contributing to others.

How would you describe your long-term life goals?
A. Clear and purpose-driven, aligning with my deepest values.
B. Defined, but I am flexible as situations change.
C. Vague, I take life as it comes.
D. I haven’t set any long-term goals.

Reflecting on your life’s journey, do you feel you are living true to your ikigai?
A. Absolutely, I live each day with clear purpose and joy.
B. Mostly, though there are days I feel less aligned.
C. Sometimes, but I often feel like something is missing.
D. Not really, I’m still searching for my true ikigai.

ikigai interests question

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What would you choose to do if you had an entire day just to explore your interests?
A. Dive into a new creative project.
B. Volunteer for a cause I care about.
C. Attend a workshop or seminar.
D. Visit a place I’ve never been before.

Which of these scenarios sounds like a perfect moment related to your ikigai?
A. Hosting a podcast on a topic you’re passionate about.
B. Organizing a community clean-up day.
C. Leading a hands-on workshop in your expertise.
D. Having a quiet morning to reflect and plan your dreams.

If you could collaborate with an expert in any field, who would it be?
A. An artist or designer.
B. A social reform leader.
C. A renowned educator or scholar.
D. A tech innovator.

How do you prefer to spend your breaks or downtime to refuel your sense of purpose?
A. Sketching or journaling my thoughts.
B. Catching up with a mentor or friend.
C. Reading inspiring articles or books.
D. Exploring nature or cityscapes.

What metaphor best describes your approach to life and ikigai?
A. Navigating a river – always flowing and finding new paths.
B. Climbing a mountain – tackling challenges with a clear goal in sight.
C. Gardening – nurturing and growing over time.
D. Painting a canvas – creating and experimenting freely.

When faced with a tough decision, what usually guides you?
A. My intuition and emotions.
B. My commitment to others and their needs.
C. Long-term goals and the benefits of my choices.
D. Curiosity and the potential for new experiences.

What would make you feel most accomplished at the end of the day?
A. Having sparked creativity in others.
B. Making a tangible difference in someone’s life.
C. Learning something new that I can apply in the future.
D. Completing tasks efficiently and effectively.

If you could create a documentary, what would it be about?
A. The creative process of different artists.
B. Heroes who bring positive change in hidden corners of the world.
C. Innovations in education across cultures.
D. The psychology behind decision-making and success.

Which area of your life feels most aligned with your ikigai currently?
A. Personal growth and self-expression.
B. Relationships and community involvement.
C. Professional achievements and contributions.
D. Physical and mental health practices.

Reflecting on your past, what moment do you believe significantly shaped your ikigai?
A. A spontaneous trip that expanded my perspective.
B. An unexpected act of kindness I received or gave.
C. A challenging project or role I undertook.
D. A significant conversation that changed my outlook.

How often do you feel passionate about your daily activities?
A. Always
B. Often
C. Sometimes
D. Rarely

To what degree do you feel your daily activities contribute to your sense of purpose?
A. Completely
B. Significantly
C. Partially
D. Not at all

How connected do you feel to your community?
A. Very connected
B. Somewhat connected
C. Slightly connected
D. Not connected at all

How do you assess your current level of vitality and energy in life?
A. Extremely high
B. Comfortably high
C. Moderate
D. Low

What is your current biggest challenge that hinders your sense of ikigai?
A. Lack of motivation
B. Health issues
C. Insufficient social interaction
D. Unclear life goals

Which of the following best describes your attitude towards the future?
A. Optimistic and proactive
B. Generally positive
C. Uncertain but hopeful
D. Pessimistic and inactive

How often do you engage in hobbies or activities that you deeply enjoy?
A. Daily
B. Several times a week
C. Occasionally
D. Rarely

What happens if you face a setback in achieving your goals?
A. I quickly reassess and find new ways to proceed
B. I get slightly discouraged but try again
C. I often hesitate but eventually continue
D. I feel overwhelmed and give up

How well do you believe you impact others’ lives?
A. Very positively
B. Positively
C. Slightly positively
D. I don’t believe I have an impact

What is the trickiest part about maintaining your ikigai?
A. Balancing personal and professional life
B. Staying motivated despite challenges
C. Finding time for self-reflection and growth
D. Ensuring ongoing meaningful connections with others

ikigai lemons question

Want more ikigai questions? Make your own with our Free Question Generator

When life throws you lemons, how do you find your ikigai?
A. Make lemonade and share it
B. Juggle them while pondering life
C. Compost them for a better tomorrow
D. Leave them; I dislike lemons

If your daily grind were a movie genre, which would it best represent in terms of fulfilling your ikigai?
A. Inspiring documentary
B. Heartwarming comedy
C. Tense thriller
D. A bit too much like a surreal art film

Imagine your ideal day. How closely does it align with your current pursuit of ikigai?
A. It’s a perfect match
B. We’re in the same book, different chapters
C. Only during the commercials
D. Are we even in the same library?

What’s your go-to strategy when seeking deeper meaning or purpose in your projects?
A. Dive into new experiences headfirst
B. Reflect on the impact and adjust
C. Crowdsource ideas and choose the best
D. Wait for a sign, preferably neon

How does your ikigai respond to a spontaneous change of plans?
A. Adapts like water in a stream
B. Takes a moment but finds a new route
C. Resists a bit, then reluctantly follows
D. Freezes like a deer in headlights

If your sense of purpose were a spice, how would it flavor your life?
A. Like cinnamon, warmly pervasive
B. As turmeric, subtly powerful
C. Ginger zing, surprising and sharp
D. Occasionally peppery when it’s needed

How often do your hobbies ignite the spark of ikigai in your routine?
A. Like a daily sunrise
B. As often as a well-timed joke
C. Occasionally, like finding money in old jeans
D. Rarely, like a solar eclipse

In the garden of life, how do you nurture your ikigai?
A. Regularly watering with new experiences
B. Fertilizing with challenges and growth opportunities
C. Pruning doubts to let confidence bloom
D. Hoping it rains but forget to weed

When pondering the impact of your actions, how does your ikigai meter read?
A. Full green, sustainability mode on
B. Mostly charged, occasional maintenance needed
C. Sometimes flickers in standby mode
D. Low battery, charger not included

How do you react when your ikigai feels as elusive as a Monday without coffee?
A. Hunt it down with double espresso determination
B. Coax it out with a peaceful tea ceremony
C. Wait it out with a weekend vibe
D. Deny its existence until it resurfaces

If ikigai were a dance, how would you describe your current moves?
A. Gracefully waltzing with purpose
B. A spontaneous, joyful hopscotch
C. An uncertain, yet hopeful, two-step
D. Shuffling, mostly stepping on toes

Imagine ikigai as a culinary challenge; how spicy do you like your purpose served?
A. Extra hot, bring on the challenge!
B. Medium, with just enough zest
C. Mild, but sometimes I crave more
D. Plain, hold the spices please!

On a scale from sofa-cushion to mountaintop, where do you feel most in tune with your ikigai?
A. Soaring above clouds, top of the peak
B. Climbing high, nearly there
C. Comfortably exploring the hillside
D. Contemplating the journey from my couch

If your daily pursuit of ikigai had a soundtrack, what genre would it be?
A. Uplifting orchestral symphonies
B. A quirky, indie mixtape
C. Reliable classic rock anthems
D. An unpredictable jazz improvisation

When faced with a crossroads in life, how does your ikigai GPS react?
A. Recalculates the best route swiftly
B. Suggests a scenic detour
C. Occasionally loses satellite reception
D. Tells me to ask for directions

If your ikigai were a season, which would it flourish in?
A. Spring, blooming with fresh ideas
B. Summer, radiant and full of energy
C. Autumn, rich with fulfillment
D. Winter, quietly reflecting and planning

How would you pack for a journey towards deeper purpose?
A. With a backpack of dreams and a map of ambitions
B. A suitcase half-full, leaving room for souvenirs of wisdom
C. A carry-on of essentials, unsure of what I’ll need
D. Probably overpack and hope for the best

If your sense of purpose were an app, what would its main feature be?
A. A motivation booster with daily affirmations
B. A goal-setting planner with reminders
C. An idea generator for creative sparks
D. Bug fixes and maintenance – it’s a bit glitchy

When life’s hustle gets hectic, how does your ikigai keep up?
A. Speeds up, fueled by adrenaline
B. Maintains pace, with strategic pauses
C. Needs a few pit stops to recharge
D. Prefers to sit out the race

If you could send a postcard from your current ikigai destination, what would it say?
A. “Greetings from the Peaks of Passion!”
B. “Wish you were here at the Crossroads of Curiosity.”
C. “Finding my way through the Forest of Fortitude.”
D. “Lost in the Maze of Mundanity, send help!”

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