5 “A”s to Improve Your Quiz Response Rate: Ambience

When you create a quiz, you want to be sure that the style and design fit with your quiz. Check out these best practices for quiz design!

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In an earlier post titled, “5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Quiz Response Rate Right Now”, I shared a simple 5 step framework that can help you achieve more and better quiz responses. To recap, the 5 A’s to increase your response rate are:

  1. Acknowledge
  2. Ask
  3. Ambience
  4. Analyze
  5. Appreciate

As stated in previous articles, I realized that each of these A’s could have it’s own article, so I wanted to go through an in-depth analysis of each of the steps in the framework.

Before you begin with “Ambience”, make sure that you have Acknowledged who your customer is and what pain point you are trying to solve for your customer. After you acknowledge your customers’ pain points, you need to make sure you Ask the right questions. Today, I will walk through “Ambience” with the goal to help you set the right look and feel to your quiz.

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How does your quiz look and feel?

We have all taken those quizzes and surveys that look plain awful. There may be pop-up ads all over the page where we can’t see the questions easily or there may be a white plain webpage with all 50 questions in plain typewriter print on ONE page. I see those quizzes and rarely finish one of them. Why don’t I finish them? Because of the pain that it causes me to take the quiz because of how the quiz looks and feels.

So, I pause and ask, “How does your quiz look and feel?”. You may not know how your quiz looks or feels or you may know that it’s lacking. Good news, I know how important look and feel of your quiz, so I am going to cover it through setting expectations, making the quiz too easy, and keeping the design simple.

1) Set Expectations:

No one likes to start a quiz, thinking that it will take 2 minutes only to find out that it takes 30 minutes. What do you feel when you’ve experienced a quiz like that? You feel cheated, and you may not even finish the quiz. It’s important to set expectations from the beginning, ESPECIALLY if it’s a longer quiz or quiz that you know will cause pain and frustration to the user. We recently built a quiz that required around 40 questions that were required to do a Chapter 13 bankruptcy calculation. At the beginning, we knew it would take 5-10 minutes to complete, so we created an outline of the process and highlighted that the quiz would take 5-10 minutes. outline for debt calculator with 5 parts

Second, it’s important to show the user where the user is in the quiz process. I like how Interact has a line at the top that shows you where you are in the process while you are answering questions to show how much further you have to complete the quiz.

quiz question about how often you think about finances with blue progress line at top

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2) Make it too easy:

Have you ever taken a quiz that takes 1-2 minutes just to read the question? When a question is a paragraph, I begin to skim the question and take the question less seriously. Keep the questions and answers simple. You want someone to feel that they could take your quiz while sleeping. Here is one way to ask a question: quiz question with a very wordy question about what type of device you prefer to access sites Here’s an easier to ask the same question: an easier version of same question mobile or desktop apps Understanding user experience is important to make your quiz too easy. For example, do you notice something that one may think is missing from the image of my Interact quiz below? It doesn’t have a “Next” button, but if you look closer, it doesn’t need one. Why? Because you click on the selection and it automatically submits the answer.  Interact auto-saves the question and saves the user one click. same mobile or desktop question showing there's no next button

3) Keep the design simple:

I cannot stress enough the importance of keeping your quiz design simple . While I was at Upstart, I really appreciated what our CEO stated, “Simplicity is a feature”. What does that mean? It means that it’s easy to make a quiz or website cluttered with features and tools and information that the consumer either does not care about or doesn’t want to see. The concept of simplicity and conciseness goes back to back to  “Acknowledging” and knowing who your customer is. If you know who he or she is, you will know which information is needed and that will allow you to keep the design simple.

There are hundreds of simple design examples you can find, but thankfully Interact’s quiz template library take these design considerations for you, so you can focus on the quiz’s content instead of having to think about keeping your design simple. Create your own quiz now!

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