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1. How do I Manage Multiple Clients Using Interact?

There are two options for managing clients with Interact. You can either set up individual accounts for each client, and keep them separated out that way, or you can sign up for a Pro account with us and manage all clients from one account which you manage. Our individual accounts are either $49 per month or $149 per month, so if you are managing a good number of clients, then Pro ($349 per month) is your best bet.

2. Can Each Quiz Have a Different Client Logo on It?

Yes, you can add a unique logo to each quiz you make and then send the quiz to the client or embed it on their site. That way you can have each one be unique to the client.

3. Do you work with a lot of agencies?

Yes we do, notable ones are Grey Group, Publicis, Razorfish, and many more boutique agencies. We are very familiar with the process for working with agencies.

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