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If you want to try this for yourself, head to Interact

There is way too much content being produced everyday. I heard it aptly described this way. “The ratio of content to readers is growing exponentially” That’s a bit scary if your business relies heavily on that content to acquire new users. If you are producing 10 pieces each month but now everyone else is producing 20 pieces a month, they will win out in the sheer numbers game, and it quickly becomes an arms race to see who can create more content until all the profit is sucked out of the efforts.

One solution that gets thrown around a lot is the concept of repurposing content, which basically means using your past successes as a catalyst for future wins. It’s like a greatest hits album for your content. Given that greatest hits albums work really well, it seems like repurposing is an excellent idea. The only problem is, it’s difficult to actually execute top quality repurposed content. You have to find a way to make your past stars shine again.

I say all this to bring us to the marvelous content re-purposing performance put on by The Golf Channel when they put together their quiz “Which PGA Tour Golfer Are You?”

With so much focus on the athletes who actually participate in Golf, there is a ton of content about each individual performer. From Bios to personal pieces to interviews, each player has their own following in the Golf world. The difficulty here is that continually producing more and more content about players is expensive and you are in direct competition with other sports sites who run similar stories. As the first mover and the leader in the golf world, The Golf Channel is responsible for innovating faster than anyone else to keep their massive and highly engaged audience.

Let’s take a look at the quiz and see just what sparked the magic.

A theme that is followed in every part of the quiz is a strict adherence to the best practices we’ve put together for making personality quizzes. For the purpose of creating the cover of the quiz, they used a nice picture of a person who is one of the famous golfers in their quiz. They also used the “Which (blank) are you?” quiz title, a title that has proven to be successful time and time again.

golf 1

After you take the leap and click the “take quiz” button, there’s no let down where you get presented with a bunch of questions you don’t really want to answer. Far from that, the first question of this golf quiz is “If you were an animal, which would you be?” and there are some pretty delightful choices among the answers (which are all pictures). This format is nearly identical to some standalone games, which is a big part of the reason for the success of the quiz.

golf 2


After answering the quiz questions (by clicking on animals) you come to the result of the quiz – which golfer you are. This is the page that prompted nearly 800 people to share on Facebook or Twitter, and that’s no accident – the golf channel knew exactly what they were doing. First, each result is overwhelmingly positive, they make you look like a great person even though this is just a quiz and has no direct effect on your life. Second, they use great images, a picture really can speak 1000 words in the case of quizzes. Third, they make it easy and fun to share, that’s important to remember.

golf 3


Campaign results:

Total quiz views: 15,000 and counting

Total social shares: 700 and count

Total time invested: 1 working day

Social boost (over average blog post for Golf Now): 13x


Re-purposing using quizzes can save you time and boost your social traffic in tremendous ways. The key is to find out what it is that really attracts your audience (for the Golf Channel, the golfers themselves). Then use those assets to create a quiz.

If you want to try this for yourself, head to Interact

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