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This week we’d like to highlight Angela Artemis, and the awesome quiz she created on intuition. Angela is the author of The Intuition Principle, a best-selling book about the power of intuition. To help Angela inform and entertain her readers, we created a quiz titled “How Intuitive are You?” Check it out.

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Why this Quiz Worked:

  • It was short enough to keep the taker engaged: Even though the quiz is 20 questions, the answers are simple yes/no responses. Total time to completion is still only three minutes on average
  • It holds authority: As an author, Angela is already well-known in the intuition world so her quiz means a lot more when an assessment is given.
  • It has a follow-up: For every result there is a link to check out Angela’s book as well as a link to her site so readers can learn more about Intuition and what their assessment means.

This is a very fun quiz and we learned a lot ourselves by taking it.

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