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You’ve probably seen an increase in influencers using quizzes to grow their email lists. Why, you ask? Because it works!

It helps that 82% of people take online quizzes that show up on their social media feeds, and that thousands of entrepreneurs, just like you, have used quizzes to generate six- and seven-figure incomes in their businesses.

Today, Interact and LeadQuizzes are two of the most popular quiz builders for small business owners and creative entrepreneurs who want to grow and scale their businesses.

Interact was founded in 2013, before lead-generating quizzes were hot on social media. LeadQuizzes, founded in 2015, was also built to capitalize on the increasing popularity of interactive marketing

Ultimately, quizzes make lead generation easier, but as you start the process of creating your quiz, how do you ensure you’re choosing the right quiz builder? We’ve done the research for you so you can make an informed decision for your business before you take the plunge into quiz marketing.

Interact vs. LeadQuizzes

When comparing these two quiz builders, we’ll dive into a wide variety of categories. You’ll learn about the main differences and similarities between each tool. 

I’ll also give you an idea of who is the winner of each determining factor on our list, so you can more easily compare the tools at a glance. Sometimes the result is a draw, but we’ll give you a full review of what we found out.

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Let’s begin!


No matter the size of your business, Interact and LeadQuizzes have a variety of pricing options that can help you reach your email marketing goals. Both platforms offer a free trial period, which allows users like you to test the platform before you invest.

We highly recommend signing up for a free trial so you can better decide which quiz builder is most intuitive for you. Both Interact and LeadQuizzes offer a 14-day free trial.

When you’re ready to invest, Interact has an affordable pricing option of $39 per month for business owners who want to collect up to 6,000 email leads per year. You can save a whopping 40% if you pay annually, bringing the cost down to $27/month! You’ll have access to features like branching logic, live chat support, and more at this tier.

pricing 1
pricing 1

Keep in mind that there are more custom branding options and higher subscriber count allowances in the Growth and Pro pricing tiers. Over time, you can determine which plan is the right fit for your growing business.

In comparison, LeadQuizzes most affordable plan is the Essential level, billed at $45 per month; unless you invest in an annual plan, which comes out to $37 per month. Both pricing structures are significantly more expensive than Interact.

LeadQuizzes does, however, give users access to all of its features at each pricing tier. This means you can white-label your quiz, generate advanced reports, and more at any pricing level. However, you’ll pay more when you need to upgrade. 

LeadQuizzes pricing plans
Winner: You may get more features with LeadQuizzes, but Interact wins this round based on affordability and the flexibility to create quizzes with unlimited completions, which we’ll talk about next.

Quiz completions

One of the most significant differences between Interact and LeadQuizzes is the number of people who can complete your quiz. With Interact, there’s no limit to how many people can take your quiz.


LeadQuizzes doesn’t offer unlimited quiz completions at any price point. Even at the Premium level, LeadQuizzes will limit your quiz responses to 10,000 per month. Depending on the size of your business reach, you may have better peace of mind when you choose a platform where anyone and everyone can complete your quiz.

LeadQuizzes monthly quiz response limits
Winner: With unlimited quiz completions, Interact is the clear winner for this category. You may be surprised how many people take your quiz, like Ashley Beaudin, who generated 3,000+ leads in her quiz’s first week, or Sibilia Ribeiro, who attracted 14,000 leads with her quiz in just over a year. Having unlimited quiz completions will ensure you never have to upgrade just because your quiz is reaching more people. 

Quiz templates

LeadQuizzes has grown its library of templates since it was founded in 2015, but they only offer 78 templates right now. However, of those 78 templates, only 44 are quiz templates. The other templates focus on form building and surveys.

Interact quiz templates

In comparison, Interact offers more than 800 customizable quiz templates to all free and paid users. Taking inspiration from a wide variety of industries, you’ll be able to create your own quiz with ease when you use a template.

Each Interact quiz template was created with top conversion strategies in mind, helping you personally connect with users. The templates also come with personality-packed quiz result descriptions that make nurturing your new quiz leads easier.

Interact quiz categories
Winner: With over 800 quiz templates, Interact blows any competition out of the water! If you want to start from a template or create a quiz from scratch, Interact will give you the content inspiration you need to succeed.

Quiz types

Determining what kind of quiz you’ll create can feel like a big decision. While personality quizzes are the most common type of quiz, there are other types you can choose from.

LeadQuizzes features eight quiz types on their website: assessment, Buzzfeed-style, diagnostic, IQ, matching, personality, scored, and true-or-false.

LeadQuizzes quiz types

Some of these types are not directly listed in Interact, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be made with Interact. At Interact, we focus on three types of quizzes: personality, assessment, and scored.

Interact quiz types

While it may not seem like Interact offers as many quiz types at first glance, you can still create things like an IQ quiz and Buzzfeed-style quiz with Interact using its existing quiz types. For example, a trivia quiz isn’t considered a quiz type in Interact, but it would follow the same format as an assessment quiz.

Based on this knowledge, both of these quiz builders are well-equipped to help you create the best quiz for your business.

quiz type descriptions Interact
Winner: Based on numbers, LeadQuizzes would beat Interact with its eight quiz types. However, you can create all of these quiz types inside both quiz builders. 

Quiz examples

Before you dive into creating your own quiz, you may want to look for quiz inspiration. When searching for quiz examples, both LeadQuizzes and Interact highlight a variety of success stories on their websites.

Interact has a full list of quiz examples from industries like coaching, non-profit, wellness, copywriting, marketing, and more. No matter what industry you’re in, you’ll be able to find an example that resonates with you.

Coaching quiz examples
Non-profit quiz examples
More coaching quiz examples

You can also read success stories from other Interact quiz creators by looking at this case study library. Each case study features advice for new quiz creators along with key takeaways so you can implement what you learned from each quiz creator.

LeadQuizzes also has a list of case studies on their website. While you may not see as much diversity in industry or backgrounds in the quiz examples that LeadQuizzes features, the success stories are still inspiring.

Quiz success stories LeadQuizzes
Winner: Since many entrepreneurs have used LeadQuizzes and Interact to create high-performing quizzes for their business, this results in a tie!

Design customization 

Visual branding is so important when creating a memorable brand identity. Luckily, both Interact and LeadQuizzes allow you to customize your colors, imagery, fonts, and more. You can even upload your logo to make your quiz look more on-brand.

Once you build a quiz in LeadQuizzes, it will look a little something like the example below. With a bold background image and a large text box, you’ll be able to tell your audience what your quiz is about.

LeadQuizzes quiz design

Interact gives you space to display the same kind of quiz title, description, call-to-action button, and background image, but the quiz cover page in Interact looks different. Since design often comes down to personal preference, we recommend choosing the tool that gives you the look and feel you want.

Interact quiz cover
Winner: Both Interact and LeadQuizzes give you access to dozens of design customization features. There isn’t a winner based on the final look of the quiz since it comes down to personal preference, but remember that you can create a white-label quiz on each platform when you invest in the Growth or Pro plans in Interact or any paid plan in LeadQuizzes.

User interface (UI)

LeadQuizzes’ user interface somewhat mimics the look of Typeform, another well-known form builder. With a drag-and-drop feature, users can customize their quiz by dragging their desired feature on the left-hand side to the correct place on the right-hand side.

LeadQuizzes quiz builder

Alternatively, Interact’s UI will naturally walk you through the entire quiz-building process when you follow each step on the left-hand side. This step-by-step guide may feel more intuitive if you’re building a quiz for the first time and want more direction.

Interact quiz builder

Also, LeadQuizzes asks users to input their quizzes in “build” mode before they customize the design. Interact allows users to preview what their quiz will look like at every step in the process.

You won’t have to open a new window to personalize your quiz design since the toolbar is up at the top. You can choose the best quiz colors, fonts, and images as you complete the rest of your quiz content. 

Interact brand designer
Winner: Interact’s UI is clearly designed for visual thinkers who want to preview their quiz as they go, but LeadQuizzes features a text-based UI design with an easy drag-and-drop feature. In the end, I’d give Interact the edge, but LeadQuizzes is still a good option.


Since online quizzes are great email list lead magnets, it makes sense for Interact and LeadQuizzes to offer several integrations. Most of their integrations allow you to connect your email service provider to their platform, making it easier to automate your email lead generation.

LeadQuizzes does a good job of showing which tools directly integrate with their platforms and others that require Zapier, a third-party automation software. There may be added costs associated with using a tool like Zapier, but it’s good to know this information upfront so you can  make decisions based on your marketing budget.

LeadQuizzes integrations

With Interact, you can integrate over 50 tools to help you automate your email marketing, sell more online courses and memberships, and access advanced reporting. Much like LeadQuizzes, Interact requires Zapier to connect with a few select tools, so keep this in mind when you’re comparing each tool.

Interact integrations
Winner: Interact and LeadQuizzes offer a variety of integration options, so there isn’t a clear winner for this category. Look at each quiz builder’s website and see which tool integrates with the software you’re already using.

Result correlations

If you’ve ever wondered how quizzes automatically determine which result each person receives, it all comes down to result correlations. Both tools have a streamlined UI feature that seamlessly connects answers with results.

In Interact, all you need to do is click on the answer option and then the corresponding result it relates to, which will show a line connecting the two. Take a look at the example below: if someone clicks the answer option of “Food Truck,” it will count toward the result of “Certified Pre-Owned Chevrolet Camaro.”

setting up result correlations in Interact

You probably noticed that the answer option “Pizza” also correlates with the Camaro result. With Interact, you can connect multiple answers to multiple results, ensuring your quiz generates the correct outcome for each unique quiz-taker.

Alternatively, LeadQuizzes uses their drag-and-drop feature in this section of their quiz builder. You can drag the answer option to the correct result on the right-hand side when you’re ready. There aren’t any lines to visually show how they connect, like Interact, but both tools will help you accomplish the same thing.

setting up LeadQuizzes result correlations
Winner: Both tools make it easy to create result correlations with a few clicks of a button. For this reason, it’s a tie!


To improve your quiz over time, you need to know exactly how it’s performing. To learn what’s working and what’s not, look into your analytics dashboard on Interact and LeadQuizzes.

Inside the analytics dashboard of LeadQuizzes, you’ll see a user-friendly list of statistics behind each quiz. This includes lifetime quiz views, how many contacts there are, and the overall quiz completion rate.

You can also see a summary of how people are answering each question, giving you a better understanding of your audience as a whole. Both Interact and Leadquizzes allow users to check stats for specific periods with a calendar feature.

Leadquizzes analytics

In Interact, your quiz data is collected and displayed in a more visually appealing way. By looking at the funnel-style graphic to the left, you can see the full progression of people who have seen, taken, and completed your quiz.

On the right-hand side, you’ll see the top quiz results so you can learn more about your audience on an individual level. 

Interact's analytics

Like LeadQuizzes, you can look at the data behind each quiz question option, but you’ll see a pie chart that helps to illustrate the stats. Also, you’ll see an engagement percentage that says how many people who viewed each question actually answered it. 

question analytics
Winner: With better visuals and more analytic options, Interact wins this round. However, both LeadQuizzes and Interact give better access to data than other quiz builders on the market.

The final verdict on Interact vs. LeadQuizzes

Interact and LeadQuizzes have a lot to offer business owners of all backgrounds and industries. While it’s ultimately up to you to decide which quiz builder is best for your business, here’s a brief overview of the categories we covered and where we landed:

  • Pricing affordability: Interact
  • Quiz completions: Interact
  • Quiz templates: Interact
  • Quiz types: LeadQuizzes
  • Quiz examples: Tie 
  • Design customization: Tie
  • User interface: Interact
  • Integrations: Tie
  • Result correlations: Tie
  • Analytics: Interact

We highly recommend signing up for a free trial of both tools to see which one you prefer. To sign up for a free trial of Interact, click here!

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