Interact vs Thrive: Quiz Builder Showdown

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Are you curious about quiz marketing?

Do you picture yourself creating an engaging quiz that helps your audience get from where they are to where they want to go. Maybe you were inspired by another person’s quiz that made you feel seen and understood.

No matter where your curiosity comes from, remember that a quiz isn’t your average lead magnet. It won’t sit collecting dust or be easy to ignore.

Instead, your quiz will create a fun and interactive experience for your audience, helping them unlock new self-discoveries as they grow to trust your brand. 

As you set out to build an interactive quiz, you might be considering which quiz builder you should use. While we’d love to give you a simple answer, your choice will depend on what your goals and priorities are. 

Let’s take a moment to compare Interact and Thrive, two quiz builders that were created with business owners like you in mind. 

Interact vs. Thrive: Quiz builder showdown

Interact is a user-friendly, ultra-intuitive quiz builder created for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and creators. Interact helps businesses grow their email list with the best quality leads. Quiz building is all we do, and we like it that way!

Founded in 2013, Interact set out to make it easier (and more delightful) to create quizzes in less time and with less hassle than other quiz-makers. Whether you customize a quiz template or build a quiz from scratch, Interact quizzes can be embedded on any website platform.

Unlike Interact, Thrive is a WordPress plugin, meaning it can only be added to WordPress sites. If you build a website on another website platform like Squarespace, Wix, Showit, or others, you won’t be able to use Thrive.

Thrive Themes quiz builder

However, if you are looking to build your site on WordPress, Thrive may still be in the running. Thrive gives creators the ability to create quizzes with zero coding, making it easier to build a quiz within your website.

While there are similarities between these two tools, there are also significant differences. To determine which quiz builder is right for your business, let’s consider what makes each platform unique.

Free trial

Thrive doesn’t currently offer a free-trial period like most quiz builders. They do give users a 30-day money-back guarantee, but this doesn’t help if you want to try it before buying it. 

We highly recommend using free trials to test out the quiz platform of your choice. Sometimes you won’t know which tool feels like the best fit until you’re actually inside the tool. 

In this case, you’ll need to purchase a yearly subscription to Thrive before you ever get to log in. There are no live demos beyond stock videos on their website, so you’ll need to decide if this tool is right for you with limited information.

At Interact, we’ll give you access to all of our paid features through a free-trial period. That way, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting when you subscribe.

Winner: Interact


It’s difficult to compare Interact and Thrive when it comes to pricing because both tools structure their plans so differently. Thrive only offers annual subscriptions, but you can decide whether or not you want to pay only for the quiz builder tool or for the full suite.

If you decide to pay for the Thrive Suite at $299 per year, you’ll have access to other WordPress plugins that will help you create landing pages, sell online courses, and more. This could be a great deal for business owners who need these tools.

However, by purchasing the Thrive quiz builder on its own, you’ll pay $97 per year but won’t have the opportunity to build opt-in forms, pages, or use the quiz on more than one website. You also can’t generate leads for your email list since the Thrive Leads tool isn’t included.

In comparison, Interact’s most affordable plan is $27 per month when paid annually, which saves you around 40% of the monthly plan cost. The Lite plan includes 5 quizzes with the ability to generate up to 6,000 leads a year. This is a great plan for most small business owners to start with.

Interact’s pricing plans

Thrive’s pricing plans

Thrive’s pricing plan may be more affordable, but it won’t allow you to grow your email list. Since quizzes are often used as a lead generation tool, you’ll want to consider this before making an investment.

Winner: Thrive for affordability, Interact for value

Design customization 

Interact has far more customization options for quiz design. With a user-friendly interface, it’s easy to personalize fonts, colors, imagery, logos, and more.

Thrive also offers design options through their social badge editor, but the format is less flexible and aesthetically pleasing than Interact’s default version. It’s more delightful to set up your quiz design in Interact, and you can do it in just a few clicks. 

with Interact

with Thrive

While Thrive offers built-in social media sizing, Interact offers access to a full library of free stock photos and GIFs you can use in your quiz. Both tools provide different user experiences, but Interact takes the lead in this category.

Winner: Interact

A/B testing

Thrive gives users the option of A/B testing certain stages of their quiz. A/B testing is the process of testing one variation against another to see which performs best.

A/B testing can help you identify quiz elements that aren’t working and determine what you can do to fix them. Thrive makes it easier to optimize quizzes for conversions with this feature.

You can A/B test:

  • The splash page
  • The opt-in form
  • The final quiz results page
A/B testing in Thrive Quiz Builder

With Interact, you may not be able to A/B test in the same way, but you can look at your analytics to determine how well the quiz is performing. Interact’s quiz format is already optimized for conversions based on their own testing but doesn’t allow you to run your own individual tests.

Winner: Thrive


It’s crucial to invest in a quiz builder that gives you access to analytics. Otherwise, you won’t know how well your quiz is performing or what you can do to optimize it over time.

Luckily, both tools allow users to track how many quiz views, completions, and leads they receive from the quiz. Their analytics dashboards also track metrics over time and show a percentage of people who fall under specific result types or answered questions similarly.

However, Thrive offers social sharing stats and the ability to set specific conversion goals within their platform. If this is an important feature for your business, Thrive may be a good solution.

Interact’s analytics dashboard is more visual than Thrive’s dashboard. This includes features like customized funnel graphs, line graphs, pie charts, and other visual aids to help you interpret all of your quiz data.

Interact’s analytics

Thrive’s analytics

Instead of listing the data, Interact users get to visually see what stories the data is trying to tell. If you’re a visual learner and processor, you’ll love Interact. 

Winner: Interact for usability, Thrive for advanced analytics

Deciding which quiz builder is right for your business

Now that you’ve seen an in-depth tool comparison of Interact and Thrive, it’s time to choose the best one for your business.

If you’re looking for an affordable tool that helps you build simple quizzes right inside your WordPress website, Thrive might be a good solution.

If you want to use an intuitive quiz builder that grows your email list and can be embedded on any website platform, Interact is the quiz builder for you.

You can sign up for a free trial of Interact to get started or invest in Thrive right away since they don’t offer a free trial. The choice is up to you.

We hope you enjoy creating your quiz!

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