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This week we have a great quiz from The Social Skinnny, a great website that provides information and tips on running social campaigns for businesses. One very important question that’s impossible to derive from text posts is a simple one “Are You Doing Social Marketing Correctly?” Doing it wrong can lead to wasted time and lack of interest in continuing a social strategy. That’s why The Social Skinny created a simple quiz to make sure its readers are doing the most important things correctly when it comes to social marketing.

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What we liked:

1. It’s an important topic: We like that The Social Skinny covers a trending topic (social marketing) and their quiz fits right into that theme. The quizzes that end of getting the most clicks and therefore the most leads are the ones that address a serious issue.

2. It’s Direct: The title isn’t flowery or ambiguous. It’s simple and to the point.

3. It’s Collecting Leads: Not every quiz should be used to collect leads, it doesn’t make sense all the time. This quiz, however, is one that definitely should be capturing prospects. Social Skinny has the quiz connected up to an aweber autoresponder to follow up with prospects and turn visitors into friends.

Take the quiz here:

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