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This week’s spotlight lands on Last-Bench.com, a mumbai-based leadership development group. They created a very fun and engaging quiz that tests your leadership potential. (Kudos for the fun usage of Obama in the results)

leadership potential

Why it works:

This quiz works for a few main reasons.

1. It’s not too long, I’ve seen leadership-type quizzes drag on for 50+ questions, which is a long time to keep a prospect interested. The Last Bench quiz is just 11 questions long and takes roughly three minutes, a perfect amount of time.

2. It’s Fun: The questions themselves are a bit dry, but the result is image-focused and unexpected, which is refreshing.

3. There’s a clear call-to-action: After taking this quiz, I was intrigued as to what I could do with my leadership potential and what factors led to my result. The Last Bench team did a great job of providing a simple call-t0-action so I could learn more.

Test out the Last Bench Leadership Test Now!

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