Make a Nutrition Quiz Using ChatGPT

Today, we will show you how to make a nutrition quiz using ChatGPT! Interact has all of the prompts you’ll need to create this quiz or peruse the nutrition quiz question bank for inspiration (or use it in your quiz!).

We recommend copying and pasting the prompts from the blog post each time you make a quiz because we update the prompts based on the latest version of ChatGPT.

Retrieving Your ChatGPT Quiz Prompts 

First, scroll down in the blog and select the type of quiz you want to make. This is what your options will look like: 

image 20

We’re creating a personality quiz for today’s nutrition quiz. The answers that quiz-takers select in the quiz will relate to a specific result. 

To follow along, click “personality quiz,” and you’ll find the prompts you need in order:

image 22

The purple blocks show where the prompts are in the blog. The highlighted text within the purple block is a modifier—the content you will replace with your information for your specific quiz.

Prompts to Make a Nutrition Quiz in ChatGPT 

Next, copy and paste the prompts from the Interact blog post into ChatGPT to start writing out your quiz. Here’s a glance at what that will look like: 

image 23

You’ll paste the prompts from the blog in the system section on the left. Then, in the assistant section in the middle, ChatGPT will give you information for your quiz. This is where ChatGPT will respond to your prompt requests.

Quiz Title 

On the left-hand side, you can see we already knew what we wanted our quiz title to be: “What should you make for dinner tonight?” 

Since we already had a title, we skipped the first prompt and went right to the section that creates the outcomes. 

Nutrition Quiz Outcomes 

Let’s take a closer look at the three outcomes ChatGPT gave us for the Nutrition quiz: 

image 17
image 13
image 14

If you’re in the nutrition business, there are probably specific recipes you want to give people or recommendations on the types of foods they should be cooking. Kids are involved in this particular case, so it’s ensuring there are healthy family meals.

We let ChatGPT decide the outcomes for us, and we liked them because they were all pretty vague. You have vegetables as one option, protein as another option, and comfort food classics as the third. These are all great options for dinner, but based on the quiz-taker’s mood and what they have in their house, they should choose the one that fits best. 

A great way to embellish the content you’re getting from ChatGPT is to include recommendations for specific recipes on the result pages. If someone takes this quiz, they will want a more in-depth answer than “vegetables” or “protein.” 

The outcome descriptions explain why the quiz-taker should make a recipe or eat a certain food in the result from ChatGPT. You can elaborate to add value by providing specific vegetable, protein, and comfort food recipes.

You don’t have to add all this extra information into ChatGPT, but it’s something to keep in mind as you build out your quiz—which you will put into Interact as your next step!

Before we get there, though, write out your quiz questions because you have your quiz results.

Nutrition Quiz Questions

The next prompt you’ll put in ChatGPT will ask it to write your questions. In this nutrition quiz, we wanted five questions; feel free to change this to however many questions you would like. We recommend five to ten questions because if your quiz is too long, people might leave it, and you might lose the subscriber. 

We also prefer to have one answer per result in the quiz. This means that if there are three results for the quiz, there are three answers to each question. Again, these are all just suggestions, and you are welcome to format your quiz however you want! 

Let’s look at the first question that ChatGPT gave us: 

image 19

You can see there are three answer options: A, B, and C. There’s also an answer score, meaning that if someone selects Asian-inspired dishes as their family’s favorite cuisine, it will link to both the protein and veggie results. 

When you are building out your quiz in Interact, this is what you will “hook up” to build out that logic, resulting in quiz-takers receiving the result that makes the most sense for them. 

The neat thing is that ChatGPT can do this all for you. You won’t have to think too hard about how somebody would answer a question about what they want to eat that night. It’s effortless to copy and paste the content into your Interact account, and then use the scores it recommends to set the correlations in your personality quiz.

Opt-In Form 

Next, you will ask ChatGPT what to include on the opt-in form. After a quiz-taker answers your questions, they’ll get to the opt-in form and be encouraged to subscribe. Make it compelling by giving them a reason and telling them what kinds of emails or content you will send them. 

image 11
image 11

In this case, quiz-takers are probably looking for new recipes. If you know what type of dinner your customer is looking for, you also know how they answered your quiz questions—and so, you can recommend the right recipes based on their answers. 

Let’s move on to the last section of writing the nutrition quiz in ChatGPT!

Short Description 

The last prompt is to create a short description—this will go back to your quiz cover page. Now that ChatGPT has created a quiz for you, ask it to summarize why somebody would like to take this quiz.

image 12

Building the Nutrition Quiz in Your Interact Account 

Once you’ve followed all the ChatGPT prompts in the Interact blog post, and ChatGPT has written out your quiz, the next step is to add this information to your Interact account so you can start using the quiz. You’ll want to know what information you need to copy and paste, where it should go, and how to set up your quiz logic.  

Once you’ve built the quiz in Interact, it will look like the below: 

image 18

The image above shows the cover page, which people will click to take your quiz. Next, they will answer your quiz questions, which will look like this: 

image 16

At the very end of the quiz, they will finally see the opt-in form:

image 15

This is where they can subscribe, and once they do, they’ll get their result: 

image 21

This would be a perfect place to add specific “Veggie Delight” recipes from your website to keep the quiz aligned with your brand while allowing AI to do all the work for you.

Wrap up

Using AI helped us make this quiz in literally a matter of minutes! If you prefer Interact to make a quiz for you, head over to Interact’s very own AI tool and add your website and any quiz ideas you already have. Next, add your email and hit “Make my quiz,” and someone will be in touch with a quiz for your business!

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