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Personal finance is a huge part of our daily lives whether we like to talk about it or whether we like to avoid the subject all together. As someone who works in the personal finance industry, I am surprised at how few people know about his/her own personal finances or how much pain the subject brings to them.

As a young boy, I watched my family deal with a great deal of stress from the negative effects of unsecured debt, which I believe stemmed from not learning personal finances at a young age. This forced my family to live paycheck to paycheck. What I realized is that there is severe financial brokenness in the United States, and the taboo around ‘money talk’ and subsequent lack of conversations created strife in my personal relationships as a result of different expectations around money saving and spending. The severe financial brokenness developed a passion in me to become a co-founder at Ascend with the goal to help others in personal finances to make each individual we encounter “financially whole”.

Why Make a Personal Finance Quiz:

How do we help make someone financially whole? We focus on taking the pain out of personal finances by creating simple, fun solutions.

How can we do this? What better way to accomplish the mission of creating simple, fun solutions than to create and send a personal finance quiz?

For us, we sent this quiz to our existing customer base to help understand their needs while they are in our program. But this can also be a great way to get leads, such as through offering the quiz on Facebook. Many people shy away from giving personal information up front, but when you are able to establish some trust through a quiz, the individual may respond much more positively.

Example of personal finance quizzes:

  • Are you Credit Savvy?

  • Are you Smart With Money?

  • How Much Do You Actually Know About Student Loan Debt?

In all of these examples, the person who takes the quiz gets to learn more about different aspects of personal finance in a fun and exciting way. For example, in the “Are you Credit Savvy?”, the credit score is extremely important for anyone to understand, and it walks you through insightful questions that teach you more about credits scores:

quiz question about what counts towards your credit score

correct answer and explanation that your checking account balance doesn't count towards your credit score

What I also love about is that I don’t have to start something from scratch. Oftentimes it’s difficult for me to come up with original content on my own, but Interact’s easy-to-use platform lets me find other quizzes and use those as templates.

I found that the functionality that Interact offered is incredible. I was able to preview my quiz before sending it to allow me to understand the experience on different screen sizes.

Create your own personal finance quiz now!

How to Make a Personal Finance Quiz:

Let’s dig into the nuts and bolts of how to build a personal finance quiz. I know I mentioned this before, but I was really excited about how quickly I could create a relevant quiz for my audience. It shows that the team cares about understand how users interact with the site to create the most seamless experience.


Ascend is developing a cash flow management / budgeting application that specifically targets individuals that are living paycheck to paycheck with very little room in their finances. We are building a simple solution because we believe this will be the first budget many of these folks encounter. Our quiz was titled: How helpful would a Cash Flow application be for you?

There were four main processes that we went through to create and send this application that I would highly as Create, Edit, Send, and Analyze.


Creating the quiz was seamless, intuitive and quite frankly easy.  I chose a template quiz that I liked, and chose “Duplicate Quiz”:

menu dropdown to show how to duplicate Interact quiz

From there, I made my way to the builder, which gave me flexibility on the questions, orders, and answers. I loved being able to change the colors easily through Style tab. The Direct Builder is intuitive, so I didn’t need to read through any articles in the Help Center, but it was nice that it was there in case I ran into a snag.

How Helpful would a Cash Flow application be to you? quiz cover

The two pieces of functionality that I appreciated the most was the ability to “Set Answer Scores” for each answer because I knew I wanted to send folks to different results pages. Some people may not need a cash flow / budgeting application, so I didn’t want to send those users to a place to sign up.

adding values to answers in the Interact Quiz Builder

The other piece of functionality that I really appreciated was the “Results Setting”. This allowed me to direct the results of the quiz to different pages based on the score that the user received from the quiz. I appreciated how intuitive it was given the complexity of the quiz.

screenshot showing how to assign different results pages for quiz scores


Once created, we went through a process that included much testing and analyzing how the look and feel of the quiz. To do so, we took advantage of the preview functionality.

 quiz title with buttons on Interact dashboard

screenshot of quiz preview in Interact

One thing I realized that our logo was not displayed properly and some of the pages didn’t have Ascend’s color palette. It was extremely easy to find the places where edits were needed and make the necessary changes.


Interact provides many different ways that you can promote your quiz. As the goal of our quiz was to understand how relevant an application is to his/her life, we chose the “Get a Direct Link”, but the next goal for this quiz is to “Set up Facebook Ad” for your Quiz to understand whether this application is relevant for others outside our program.

screenshot of all of the ways you can promote a quiz

From there, it was easy to add the quiz as a link in our email sending service, and off it went!

an example of an email explaining the quiz with a link to take the quiz


Interact even built an amazing analytics platform that pinpoints relevant metrics to show you how your quiz performed. Once the quiz is live and you’ve sent to your audience, you can just click “Analytics” to show you.

closeup of buttons on dashboard to show where to find analytics for quiz

It shows the conversion metrics that includes, “Views”, “Starts”, “Completions” and “Leads”. It gives you the conversion rate. It also shows how often the quiz was shared, the top results and recently collected leads.

funnel for quiz results for personal finance quiz with 55.6% conversion rate

Overall Impression:

It was evident that the Interact platform was built by a team that is passionate about quizzes and also knows many of the user’s pain points that prevents them from making a great quiz (i.e. For me, it was “How do I even get started with all of this functionality at my fingertips?”).

Quizzes are an extremely fun, simple way to reach new users or captivate existing users, and Interact nailed the platform and functionality perfectly.

Create your own personal finance quiz now!

Create Your Personal Finance Quiz Today!