NASA makes learning fun with a quiz

For many, NASA and space exploration are the epitome of cool. The vast unknown and pure expansiveness of space yield unlimited imagination.

But, that same expansiveness can become a drawback when it comes to learning about space and space exploration.

There’s so much to learn, so much to discover, that it can be hard to know where you should begin.

NASA approached that problem in a unique and innovative way by making learning personal through an interactive quiz experience.

The quiz is called “Your Artemis Mission – What boots will you wear?” And the premise is that you find out what role you’d play in a mission with NASA.

Nasa quiz 1

The quiz asks you questions about your strengths and preferences, as well as your role on a team.

Nasa quiz 2

After you answer 6 questions the quiz tells you what boots you’d wear, or in other words what role you would play in an Artemis mission.

nasa quiz 3

Then you’re guided to learn more about the Artemis mission, but you’re now more incentivized because it feels very personal.

nasa quiz 4

Now let’s look at how this quiz was built.

If I wanted to recreate something similar I’d start off with InteractAI which can turn any piece of content into a quiz.

Interact AI 1

Here’s a url about the Artemis mission. I will add it to the AI quiz maker.

Interact AI 2

After you pop the url in you’ll be prompted to say what your business does. In education terms this means what do you want the quiz to do?

Interact AI 3

Then you’ll be asked what the top question people ask you is. This is where you’ll say the purpose of the quiz, which is to help personalize space exploration learning.

Interact AI 4

Now I’m given some title options, and the AI guessed that a space personality quiz might be a good idea.

Interact AI 5

After I select the title I want, I can choose what the quiz should focus on, and then generate.

Interact AI 6

It takes about a minute to generate.

Interact AI 7

Then I can add images to spice up the quiz. And we’re ready to go!

NASA AI Quiz 1

The quiz has questions just like the real one. It’s not perfect, but pretty close to the original, and I can always make manual edits myself.

NASA AI Quiz 2

I got the “Mission Specialist” outcome, and I get a full explanation, which is pulling from the original URL I put in to start with.

NASA AI Quiz 3

I have to say, as founder and CEO at Interact, it’s a proud moment to see NASA using a quiz to make education more personal and fun for people. That’s the original mission we set out to accomplish with Interact (pun intended). Thank you to NASA for creating such a cool quiz experience, and I hope it ignites a learning journey for people, because learning is a beautiful thing.

If you want a quiz, you can make your own in 1 minute with AI, try it free.

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