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This one’s cool. You can now see which quiz result your email leads got. This information is collected in a .csv file which is available in your dashboard under email leads. For example, if I make a Myers-Briggs quiz (The ENTJ one), I can see which personality type my email leads are. Then I can send specific targeted emails to each person based on their personality. This features is available to you immediately.

The first step is to set up lead collection in your quiz, which is available under edit-email collection. Once you start to compile a list, you’ll see the emails in your dashboard under email leads.

email leads


Once you download the list, you’ll get a full list of email addresses next to which result they got on your quiz. The example below is my email address tied to the result I got on the quiz.



Coming next…Collect names, company name, phone numbers, and more in your quiz!

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