New Feature Study: Targeting Qualified Leads With Quizzes

If you want to learn more about quiz targeting, you need to check this out. Find out how one company is targeting qualified leads with a quiz!

Get More Qualified Leads with Your Quiz!

New Feature Study: Targeting Qualified Leads

Take the quiz on Which Chase Card Should I Get, and then let’s talk about it below!

Recently we released a new feature with Interact after having quite a few feedback conversations with customers. These clients of ours wanted the option to gather more information about the people that were taking their quizzes for different situations.

With this in mind, we built in the feature to collect first and last names, zip codes, company name, and even the users phone number. Now you have the ability to get a lot of information off of those that take your quizzes.

Today I’m writing about how to effectively use this to your advantage when you are working with customers that we consider to be qualified leads. What exactly is a qualified lead?

Well let’s look into circumstance. Let’s say your handling with a customer who is a guaranteed purchase or is so interested in what you have to offer they wouldn’t mind giving up certain information to you because they have already established trust with your or your brand, or want to be contact by your company further. These people are what we call qualified leads, who are the strongest type of leads that would potential make a purchase of our products or give us a sale.

So with this new ability, what is a good example of a quiz that can be built with this in mind?

Recently I wrote about how to create a quiz about which credit card you should get, and today I’m going to piggyback off that a little bit yet make it specific to the circumstances we are talking about here. I’m going to choose one bank, and pretend that I am creating a quiz that a person highly interested to get one of our credit cards is about to take the quiz, and write it tailored to them.

Sometimes there is legitimate confusion or questions surrounding which version or type of a product a consumer should buy, and a quiz can be a simple and easy guide that points this person in the right direction, and helps you as a company hone in on what they might want.

A great example of this would be banks that have multiple credit cards to offer. If a consumer wants to get a new credit card from a certain bank but doesn’t really know what they want with all the different options available, it would be helpful if they were able to take a quiz that would point them to a certain card.

So in this case we are pretending that we are Chase trying to make a quiz that will not only keep users engaged all the way through, but actually point them to the right product to apply for, or even one they might have the best chance of receiving after applying. I also limited the quiz to only 5 questions, because it’s more attractive for this just to be a quick quiz that gives them a straight answer, and with answering these questions we really are able to point them the right direction with limited information. First, let’s talk about which cards I chose as options you could receive

I chose four cards that you could get through our quiz. If Chase were to actually make this quiz, they would most likely have many more cards as possible results, and possibly more questions to help out.

Chase Freedom – This is a cash back card with no annual fee. It has a $100 bonus right now after you spend $500 on the card, and has rotating 5% cash back categories that change every quarter, and 1% cash back on everything.

Chase Sapphire Preferred – This is a fantastic points based rewards card that gives you 2x points on travel and restaurants purchases and 1x points on everything else. The points are very flexible and can be redeemed in many different ways, including transfer to travel partners, gift cards, and hotel stays. There are also no foreign transaction fees so this a great card to use when your traveling abroad.

Southwest Airlines Premier Card – This is the official Southwest Airlines card that comes currently with a nice 50,000 point bonus when you spend $2,000 on the card. Southwest is a fantastic airline to fly domestically with, and although it has a $99 annual fee they give you 6,000 points every year that you’re a card member. There are also no foreign transaction fees on this card either.

IHG Rewards Card – This is a hotel credit card for IHG, which is a hotel group that contains Intercontinental and Holiday Inn hotels in its portfolio. This card has a generous bonus to give you a couple free nights when you meet minimum spend, and gives you 5x points on IHG purchases, 2x points on gas, groceries and restaurants, and 1x points on everything else. This card has a $49 annual fee, but its waived the first year.

1. What is your current credit score?
-Under 600
-I’m not sure

Chase has cards that are aimed more towards those with better credit, and also cards that are a bit more lenient on those who might not have the best credit score. In our case, we have this question so that if they’re on a lower tier it would point them towards a freedom card, whereas if they’re on the highest tier we would point them towards the sapphire preferred. If they score in the middle, it would count equally across all cards.

2. What is your ideal way to spend rewards?
-Cash Back
-Flexible Points

It should be pretty self-explanatory of which cards each of these answers would point to, so perhaps you can make that connection for me!

3. When/if you travel, who do you normally fly with?
– Southwest
– United
– American
– Delta
– Other

This question exists mainly to see if our consumer travels with one of the first two airlines, since these are the airlines that Chase provides credit cards for. In this situation we’ll obviously match Southwest with their credit card, and we’ll match United with the sapphire preferred since the United branded credit card isn’t involved with our quiz and you can easily transfer points earned through that card to United. If they choose something else, we’ll just have it count towards nothing.

4. Which one of these categories do you spend the most in?

We’ll do our best to match each category with a certain card based on points you earn through it. If you spend the most on travel, then the Southwest card makes most sense since you earn 2x on the travel with their airline. Again, if this was a more thorough quiz we might count this towards a couple cards. As for groceries, we can point them towards the freedom since there are the rotating 5x points on restaurants for a quarter of the year. The IHG card gives 2x points on gas, so we’ll point that card that direction, and you get 2x on restaurants with the sapphire preferred so we’ll recommend that card with that answer.

5. Do you have any credit history with Chase?

This question basically exists to determine which card the consumer would ideally be able to get. If you have no history with Chase, they might recommend you something like the freedom as more of an introductory card, and if you already have a relationship with them you might be pointed towards a more mature card such as the sapphire preferred.

With making a quiz like this, we can clarify our users confusion in just a minute by having them answer 5 simple questions to recommend them a product. It gives good data to you through their quiz, and helps them immensely by clearing their mind! With the new options to get more information on the users that use the quiz, something like this can excel qualified leads into real customers.

Get More Qualified Leads with Your Quiz!