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To access Interact quiz analytics, start from your main interact dashboard and click “analytics” next to the name of the quiz you want to see analytics for.



Now you’ll see data on this page. You’ll be able to see three different important pieces of info on this page. (there are also more detailed breakdowns if you click on the left side menu, which we’ll get into)

1. Overview of quiz statistics: see how many people saw the quiz, how many started it, how many completions, and how many leads you have received

2. Social stats: people who shared on Facebook and Twitter from the quiz results

analytics 2


Now, if you click on the left side menu and select “leads” this is where you’ll be able to see all of the answers to questions for people who put in their email address to your quiz. This data can be exported to a .CSV file as well for analyzing further

analytics 3


Now click “Statistics” on the left sidebar. On this page you can see two things.

1. How people are dropping off through your quiz, so it will show you how many people saw the quiz, how many started it, question 1, 2, …

2. How people are answering the quiz questions in aggregate, so exactly like you’d get out of a survey

analytics 4


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