Pillar and Trend Blogs—Let’s Break It Down!

Creating a winning content strategy means knowing the ins and outs of pillar and trend blogs. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the essentials of both pillar and trend blogs and explore how to use them effectively in your content game plan. 

Pillar blogs form a solid content foundation, attracting steady traffic and establishing your brand as a reliable information source. Regularly updating these posts ensures ongoing value, keeping your audience engaged.

Trend blogs showcase your expertise in the latest industry developments, positioning you as a forward-thinking leader. Staying on top of trends and incorporating them into your content attracts new readers seeking up-to-date information.

Together, pillar and trend blogs cater to diverse audience needs and interests. Striking the right balance drives engagement, showcases expertise, and ensures growth in your niche and beyond.

Ready to dive in? Let’s unpack these two blog categories and see how they can help capture your audience’s attention. 

Pillar Blogs: The Backbone of Our Content

Pillar blogs center around timeless ideas and concepts that matter to a broad audience, giving our website a solid foundation. They keep our website traffic flowing and help turn casual visitors into devoted fans.

Let’s take a look at two example pillar blogs to understand how they are different from trend blogs and create timeless, valuable content for our audience:

1. How to Make an Online Assessment for Your Website

  • The focus is on creating an online assessment that drives engagement, generates leads, and provides valuable data to users. This is a classic topic in the quiz-making industry and contains information that will remain relevant over time. 

Interact quizzes offer a platform for creating such assessments, allowing users to customize quizzes to suit their specific needs and target audience. Incorporating Interact quizzes into your website can create an interactive and engaging experience for your visitors, increasing conversions and customer loyalty.

2. How to Make a Trivia Quiz and Delight Your Audience

  • This blog post teaches our audience how to create a fun and engaging trivia quiz using different question types and visual aids. As trivia quizzes have long-standing appeal, this topic will continue to resonate with our audience in years to come.

When using Interact to create trivia quizzes, you can easily share and embed your quiz on your website and social media channels. This helps our customers entertain and engage their audience while showcasing their expertise. There are so many ways to utilize quizzes to create a lasting effect on your audience. 

To keep our content fresh and relevant, we revamp our pillar blogs every 12-18 months. By regularly improving these cornerstones, we give our content a valuable life for our audience.

Time to learn about trend blogs and how they differ from pillar blogs! 

Trend Blogs: Riding the Wave of What’s Hot

Now, let’s talk about trend blogs. These posts focus on the latest buzz in our industry, covering topics like new technology and changing consumer behaviors, showing we’re up-to-date in the marketing world. Staying up-to-date with marketing and business news is important because it helps us showcase our expertise and adapt to the ever-changing landscape.

By staying on top of trends and incorporating them into our content, we can attract new readers who are searching for the latest information and insights. 

For example, we could write about using AI (Artificial Intelligence) to create quizzes or explore how ChatGPT can work in website design quizzes. Though trend-driven content may not have the lasting power of pillar blogs, it puts us on the map as forward-thinking experts. Additionally, it helps us keep up with what our audience is typing into search engines and drives new and more traffic to our blog.

Trends that don’t become pillars should be updated or redirected—usually every 24 months. Repurposing trending topics maintains relevance and prevents outdated information.

Having a solid balance between jumping on trends and staying true to core content is crucial. Not all trends will turn into pillars, so following every fad could detract from the value of pillar blogs. Exploring trends can have some hiccups but may ultimately lead to valuable lessons that help fine-tune our blogs.

Wrap Up

Understanding the blend of pillar and trend blogs in our content strategy is the key to success. Pillar blogs offer timeless content that remains relevant to our audience over time. Continuously updating these blog posts ensures they maintain their appeal.

Trend blogs keep us updated on the latest technologies and changing consumer behaviors. By adapting our content to include them, we position ourselves as innovative thought leaders in the quiz-making world. But balancing our focus on trends is crucial to not dilute our core content.

Balancing pillar and trend blogs allows our content strategy to thrive, driving audience engagement, showcasing expertise, and ensuring growth in the realm of quizzes and beyond. Stay informed, captivate your readers, and improve your content strategy with pillar and trend blogs!

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