How to make a Pinterest quiz ad

Pinterest has a new ad format, a quiz. Here’s how you can make a Pinterest quiz ad and best practices to follow.

How Pinterest quiz ads work

The ad looks like this as a pin.

Pinterest quiz ad in stream

If someone clicks on your Quiz ad pin they’ll be asked the first question, the background stays as the initial cover pin so keep that in mind.

Pinterest quiz ad question 2

You can choose a 2 or 3 question quiz, and the quizzes follow personality quiz logic. After answering the questions the quiz taker is shown a result pin, which is also static, but Pinterest automatically creates text and a button based on what you type in for that pin description.

Pinterest quiz ad result

You can link each of your pin quiz results to a different URL to create a personalized experience for your quiz takers. Here’s what it looks like to have a click through to a website, it opens in the Pinterest mobile browser.

Pinterest quiz ad click through

How to make your Pinterest quiz ad

First you’ll set up your settings and give your quiz a name. Here’s a free quiz title generator if you want creative inspiration. Best practice for quiz cover photos is to use a photo of one person. I used canva to create my cover photo pin.

Pinterest quiz ad setup step 1

Next you’ll write your quiz questions. Here’s a quiz question generator you can use to get creative ideas flowing.

Pinterest quiz ad setup step 2

Then you’ll set up your quiz results. I have two results set up as you can see here. These are also pins you can create in canva.

Here’s the result for “you are not ready for a quiz”

Pinterest quiz ad setup step 3

And here’s the result for “you are ready for a quiz”

Pinterest quiz ad setup step 5

Best practices for Pinterest quiz ads

  • Ask questions how you would ask them in real life
  • Only ask questions you need in order to give an accurate result
  • Keep the text short: Quiz titles at less than 7 words, descriptions less than 15 words, and quiz result pins at less than 20 words
  • Make the tone of your quiz positive and fun. People like that.
  • Your quiz should let people talk by asking relevant questions and help people learn about themselves by having helpful results
  • Act like your quiz is a version of you, talking to your customers

Create your own quiz on your website

Pinterest quiz ads only live on Pinterest. You cannot use them on your own site or as a way to generate leads for your email list. If you’d like to create a quiz that you own, you can use Interact quiz maker.

What is the best quiz for you business?

Quizzes are super effective for lead generation and selling products. Find the best quiz for your business by answering a few questions.

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