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If you’re reading this post, most likely you’ve seen great quizzes on other websites and want to put one on your Squarespace site. If that’s you then you’re in the right place! Here’s what we’ll cover in this post, feel free to skip around to the section you’re looking for.

  1. What the perfect quiz on Squarespace looks like
  2. How you can add a quiz to your Squarespace site
  3. What makes a high converting Squarespace quiz?
  4. Generating leads + recommending products with your Squarespace quiz

Note: This post is more strategic. For the step-by-step documentation on setting up a quiz on Squarespace, go to our documentation on embedding quizzes in Squarespace.

1. What the perfect quiz on Squarespace looks like

There are three primary ways people promote quizzes on their Squarespace sites. Below I’ll show examples of each and talk through the pros and cons.

First: As a callout on the home page. Many Squarespace sites are utilizing this strategy now. With average conversion rates of 40.8%, quizzes are an excellent way to generate leads and sell products. That’s why it is becoming increasingly popular to make a quiz the primary call to action on a site.

quiz on squarespace home page

Second: As a popup. You can use a Squarespace popup to draw attention to your quiz. This works especially if you have a high traffic blog and want to generate more leads from that traffic, you can use the quiz to get the attention of your blog readers and convert them to subscribers.

quiz popup on squarespace 1

Third: As an announcement bar. This option is a little more subtle than the first two, and won’t get you as many quiz takers or leads, but it will still bring in some leads and run in the background across all pages you select for it.

quiz on squarespace home page 1

All three of these link to a page on the Squarespace site that is dedicated to the quiz. This way everyone goes to the same place to take your quiz. We recommend making it on or so you can also share that URL on socials. For details on embedding your quiz on Squarespace check out our help doc.

quiz on squarespace page 1

2. How you can add a quiz to your Squarespace site

First: Copy your embed code from interact quiz builder. You can use iframe or Javascript, Javascript has more options but won’t show you a preview in Squarespace, see hour documentation on integrating interact with Squarespace for more details on which is better for you

copy code to embed in squarespace

Second: Paste quiz embed code into Squarespace page. In this screenshot I’m using the Javascript embed, which has the benefit of auto-resizing and allowing for result redirects, but it won’t show in the preview, where it says “Script Disabled” but don’t worry it will show live on your site.

embed quiz in squarespace

Here’s how your quiz will look at its own page on your Squarespace site. Think of this page as the “Hub” that you are going to send all the traffic to from whichever promotion options you choose.

quiz on squarespace page 2

Third: Link to your quiz page from your home page callout, announcement bar, and popup.

For the home page button, link it to an internal link on your site and point that link to your quiz page. In this case mine is located at That way when someone clicks the home page button they’ll go to the quiz page to take the quiz.

link home page button to quiz in squarespace

Link popup to quiz page. Following the same method, create a quiz popup promotion in your Squarespace dashboard and link the call to action button to your quiz page.

quiz popup on squarespace

Link announcement bar to quiz page. One more time, link to the quiz page from your announcement bar. You can do one or all three of these promotion options on your site.

quiz announcement bar on squarespace

3. What makes a high converting Squarespace quiz?

We have a full course on how to build your quiz, this is just a super-abbreviated version specific to standard Squarespace audiences.

First: Give people what they are looking for. The title of your quiz should answer a question that people actually struggle with on a daily basis. Since we’re talking to people about living lean, the quiz we are featuring it about intuitive eating, and that answers a question people have about what type of eater they are.

quiz on squarespace page

Second: Ask relevant questions. You want your questions to ask people about topics they are already considering based on what you know about them. That way when people answer the questions they feel like you already know them, which builds rapport and increases quiz conversions. For more details, we have a full guide on asking quiz questions.

Let’s quickly review the three most popular types of questions used by Squarespace sites.

Text questions. These are simple and straightforward, best for when you want to ask a direct question and not distract people from the content in any way.

quiz question all text

Image questions with text answers. Use an image to illustrate your question – this type of question is great when you need people to visualize what it is you are asking.

quiz question with image

Text questions with image or Gif answers. The most expressive of question types, this one is great for when you need to bring your question to life and really help people see the answers as pictures of Gifs.

quiz question
quiz question

Third: Have an opt-in form at the end of the quiz. At the end of your quiz there is an opportunity to present people with a question of whether they’d like to stay in touch with you via email by subscribing. We have some really helpful tips on maximizing quiz opt-ins on our course.

quiz opt in page on squarespace

Fourth: Give personalized guidance in quiz results. When someone finishes the quiz they’ll be shown their results right away. You can either show those results within interact or redirect to your own landing pages.

Built-in interact quiz results. For this option you build the results inside of interact quiz builder using our simple editor, you can add images, text, links, and videos. This option is great for getting something up and running quickly.

quiz result interact on squarespace

Redirect to your own results pages in Squarespace. For a fully branded and tracked experience, we recommend redirecting quiz results to your own landing pages. This is great for product recommendation quizzes because you can let people buy straight from your pages. It’s also great for tracking since people will visit a unique URL on your site for each result.

quiz result product pages 1

4. Generating leads + recommending products with your Squarespace quiz

Generating Leads: Lead generation is the #1 reason why people choose to build quizzes with interact, they just convert better, and having one on your Squarespace site is a must-do for 2022.

quiz opt in page on squarespace 1

Recommending Products: Using a result redirect you can send people straight to a page on your Squarespace site that both tells them which result they got and also provides product links people can purchase right away. I did this by creating a category of products in Squarespace E-Commerce and then customizing the top of the page with the result description.

quiz result product pages

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