Quiz Case Study: Darian Chavez “1 Quiz + 1 FB Ad = 3000 Leads!”

Check out this quiz case study about Darian Chavez and how she used 1 quiz and 1 Facebook ad and generated 3000 leads for her course launch!

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Darian is a professional copywriter at DNCcopywriting.com, a copy coach, and owner of the DNC Written Marketing Membership and course. She was able to utilize a quiz to triple her followers, resulting in a 5-figure launch (and that was just the first day)! Take a look at her FB Ad Copy Formula for the quiz that did it all.

Surprising Launch Results

No one expects their first launch to go well. No one who understands the statistical likelihood of making it big with one launch, anyway. My expectations were low.

Not that this was my first launch. No, I’ve been the proud owner of many-a-failed business ventures, so I understood the statistics all too well.

That’s why it was a great surprise to us when we more than tripled our followers leading to an expectation-shattering launch that left us wondering, “How the heck did that happen?” And “How can we do it again?”

We got the idea of promoting a quiz with a Facebook ad right before Interact introduced that oh-so-handy FB ad integration.

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Keep reading if you want to learn the copy that converted into 3000 leads…

As a copywriter and copy coach, I always start with the message. More specifically, the struggle.  When writing the copy for your own FB ad, focus on what your audience is struggling with and move into the solution you provide.

Here’s a visual representation of what your FB ad copy might look like:


Step 1: Introduce the Struggle


Every great story starts with conflict. A Facebook Ad is no different. In order to hook your audience, you need to grab their attention by introducing a problem they struggle with.

For example, in my ad I used, “I created a quiz designed to help you quickly discover: Where your weaknesses are, What you need to improve, and How you can get started NOW.”

Step 2: Agitate the Struggle

Once you’ve introduced the struggle and effectively hooked your audience, it’s time to rub some salt in the wound. Remind them why this problem is, well, a problem for them and why they need a solution.

For example, in my ad I used, “When I started out, I would have given anything for something as simple and straightforward as a quiz telling me what I’m falling behind in, and how I can catch up. It seemed like my competitors and peers were always a step ahead. There had to be some secret they knew that I didn’t.”

Step 3: Present the Solution

Here’s the easiest part. Pitch your offer. It’s as simple as that. People want a solution to their problem, and YOU’VE GOT IT. So tell them about it!

For example, in my ad I used, “Jump into this stress-free, 8 question quiz. The questions are simple and straightforward – just like us. The answers you get will lead to customized results with Free and Low-cost resources designed to help you get to the next stage.”

Step 4: Sweeten the Deal

Who doesn’t love a story with a happy ending? Here, you’re giving your audience the happiest of endings by sweetening the deal.

Once you’ve introduced your solution, give them another reason to take advantage. This can come in the form of scarcity (get it before it’s gone), an incentive (discount, PDF download), or (the option I went with) an invitation to solve their problem… for FREE!

Here’s what I used in my ad, “And the best part is… No matter which stage you rank at, I’m extending an invitation to the DNC Written Marketing Masterclass to everyone who takes the short, sweet quiz. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Learn about Target Market, Copywriting, Social Media, Email Lists, Sales Funnels, and so much more.”

Take a look at the finished ad here → https://www.facebook.com/dnccopywriting/posts/535536860132161



Oh, and that ad brought in 3000 leads, a Masterclass audience size of more than 10,000 and 5-figures on the very first day of our very first DNC Written Marketing Course Launch.

Our membership is currently growing and LOVING the course, community, and individual feedback we give on everything they write.

See Darian’s quiz: “Are you Marketing your Business Like you Should?”

+ Darian’s Course

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