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Want to make your own quiz? Use Interact Quiz Builder

One of the most common questions we get at interact is “How do I make sure that I don’t just get a bunch of junk leads from my quiz because quizzes are only for fun?” followed by “How do I come up with a quiz idea that my audience will want to take?” both of which are superb questions.

To answer both of those questions, here’s my format for coming up with a quiz idea that not only attracts the people you want to work with but also makes sure to avoid anyone you don’t want to work with. Let’s walk through it in 3 steps.

Step 1: Describe who is in your audience in one to two words. So if you sell to business owners, it would be “business owners” if you sell to jewelry buyers it would be “jewelry buyers” if you sell to home owners it would be “home owners.”

Step 2: Divide your audience into 3-6 personalities. So for the business owner example it might be “the entrepreneur” “the analytical owner” and “the networker” for each company these are different and you will have the best idea of who is in your audience. The personalities will become the results of your personality quiz.

Step 3: Write your quiz title in the format of “What type of (your audience) are You?” so for example “What Type of Business Owner are You?” or “What’s Your Jewelry Style?” This is the title of your quiz, and because it’s in the format of “Which (Blank) are You?” it will attract people to take the quiz, and since the title is only relevant to the people you sell to it will eliminate anyone who is not a good fit.

Want to make your own quiz? UseĀ Interact Quiz Builder


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