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The most common objection we get about quizzes is this.

“I don’t want to do a “What Type of Animal are You?” or “What Celebrity are You?” quiz because my brand is serious and that won’t fit in with our messaging.

Good objection.

Here’s the answer.

First off. Who do you sell to? you should be able to define this in one or two words, like “marketers” or “business owners”

Second. What are the main archetypes or personalities of that audience? If you’ve been in business for a while you’ve probably realized that your audience fits into distinct types. For example with marketers we have “The Advertising Marketer” “The Social Media Marketer” and “The Content Marketer” all with different ways of going about doing what they do.

Third. You are going to make a quiz called “What Type of (Your Audience) are You?” pull in the one or two words from above, “marketers” or “business owners.” The results of your quiz are going to be the different personalities or archetypes.

Writing the questions. With your quiz title and results, you need the questions to help guide people into one of the results. Ask questions that will help you figure out what type of person this is. For the marketing example, a question would be “What’s Your Favorite Medium for Marketing?” with 3 answers. 1. “Facebook Ads” (for the advertiser personality) 2. “All social media (for the social media marketer) and “Blogging” (for the content marketer). Write 7 questions.

The reason that you MUST make a quiz in this personality type format is because no one cares about your expertise unless it’s relevant to them. You could be the best marketing consultant in the world, but if you are talking to an advertising person about blogging then they won’t listen.

By dividing your audience into personalities using a quiz you not only draw them in because they’ll want to find out which personality they are, but you’ll also be able to follow up with relevant materials and emails that actually address the person for who they are.

Going in this somewhat roundabout way is exponentially more effective than just trying to ram your information down the throats of your target customers. First you use the quiz to find out who they are, then you send relevant information to them based on their specific personality, you’ll see vastly better results than going the direct route and you won’t tarnish your brand if you follow the three steps above.

Create a Quiz to Engage Your Audience Today!

Josh Haynam

Josh Haynam is the co-founder of Interact, a place for creating beautiful and engaging quizzes that generate email leads. Outside of Interact Josh is an outdoor enthusiast, is very into health/fitness, and enjoys spending time with his community in San Francisco.

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