Quizzes for SAAS: Increase Engagement and Generate Leads

Quizzes are a powerful method for generating SAAS leads and increasing engagement. Currently they’re still a new concept and have the advantage of freshness since most technology companies are not yet utilizing quizzes in their marketing strategies. In this guide we’ll look at how you can implement quizzes into your SAAS marketing strategy for lead generation and engagement.

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Quizzes for SAAS Lead Generation

Let’s look at how JOBVITE, a SAAS for recruiting, is using quizzes for lead generation. JOBVITE works with companies who are looking to hire and for those companies candidate engagement is super important. That’s why they created this quiz called “What’s Your Candidate Engagement Level?” and embedded it on their site.

saas lead generation quiz

When someone takes the quiz they are asked about how their company is approaching the candidate experience. Since the quiz is about assessing your level, it uses a scored quiz mechanism to add up points as people answer the questions. So if someone answers “No” they’ll get a lower score for their candidate engagement level, and if they answer “Yes” they’ll get a higher score.

This quiz has 9 questions, which is within the recommended range of 5-10 questions per quiz. You don’t want less than five questions because the quiz won’t appear to be legitimate, and you don’t want more than ten questions because over 10 people will begin to drop off.

For more detailed information on writing quiz questions, we have a module in our lead generation quiz course on crafting quiz questions.

saas lead generation quiz question

After someone answers all of your quiz questions, but before the results are shown, there is an opt-in form you can turn on. This is optional, you can make quizzes for pure engagement without the lead generation component, and we’ll cover that next, but for this one JOBVITE is using lead generation.

With a quiz, you can segment your quiz leads based on which quiz outcome they get. So in this case you can send people to different lists, tag them, or add custom fields based on their level of candidate engagement. That helps a lot with personalization after the fact because you’d be able to send different content and offers to someone who has poor candidate engagement versus strong engagement.

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saas lead generation quiz opt in

After someone opts-in (or skips the opt-in form), you can show the results right on the page or redirect to your own landing pages. This is where you can show people how well they did on the quiz, or their personality type, depending on what type of quiz you are creating.

For the quiz we’re following, I got “Intermediate” as my result, and there is an image to show me how well I did as well as a description of my outcome. It’s just like fun quizzes you’d take on the internet but it works to generate leads for your SAAS. It’s combining fun and practicality in a neatly wrapped-up package.

saas lead generation quiz result

Quizzes for SAAS customer engagement

Another really innovate way SAAS companies can use quizzes is alongside a content marketing strategy. Let’s take a look at a prime example of how Atlassian did this with their “How does your Chronotype affect your job?” quiz. Everyone is talking about Chronotypes right now, and it’s a brilliant way to bridge the world of what’s trending to job-related discussions.

For Atlassian, who works with all sorts of customers from SMB to Enterprise, they’ve got to find a way to stay as part of the conversation, and using quizzes like this is really genius.

saas engagement quiz

If you’re one of the five people not already familiar with Chronotypes, it has to do with your sleep routine, so the quiz asks people questions about how they like to sleep, when they like to sleep etc. It’s very relevant and personal, the perfect type of question that people are eager to answer.

The quiz also does a great job of building anticipation, which is a key aspect to what makes quizzes so popular. As you answer the questions, your natural curiosity starts to grow as you wonder “how does this answer I’m choosing affect which outcome I’m going to get?” which is probably why the average number of people who complete a quiz after starting it is 65%.

saas engagement quiz question

After someone answers all the quiz questions, they are shown their results. In this case we’re not doing lead generation so it goes straight to the quiz result for this person. Not only is my result accurate, but it also tells me a lot about how I can craft my work schedule to make the most of my Chronotype. This is brilliant, and super helpful information. It’s basically like getting a mini coaching session on the fly.

saas engagement quiz result

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