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This is a rant.

Below you’ll see a Buzzsumo ranking for, a blog I contribute to on occasion. Last year I spent a massive amount of time (over 100 working hours) compiling a list of 32 lead generation tactics, all backed by case studies and I thought it was extraordinarily helpful. It became the second most shared post on the Unbounce blog for the year (according to Buzzsumo), and I was proud of it.


However, I then proceeded to check out Interact’s most shared quizzes created by our users who are on the free plan (free quizzes stay on our domain, paid ones go on publisher’s sites). The top two quizzes both beat out my massive list post. Now this shouldn’t bother me too much, these were probably perfectly executed quizzes that people had spent as much time on as I did my post.

Not true.

The top quiz comes from Studio C, who built their quiz in a few hours before it was launched.

The second post comes from ZTA, a sorority, created just for fun.

The third quiz comes from Hostelworld, who created the quiz on somewhat of a whim to try it out.

Now I’m not complaining (okay, maybe I am just a little bit). From this little case study, it appears that quizzes are a much better use of your time than creating long-form, deeply insightful posts. What do you think?interact top

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