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integrated quizzes

The #1 thing we’ve focused on since day 1 at Interact is integration. What I mean by that is that we plug into existing marketing technology platforms so you can get up and running with quizzes quickly, and easily see the data and conversions that come through your Interact quizzes. This allows us to focus on building the best possible quiz tool without concerning ourselves with the peripheral pieces.

In terms of how this works for quizzes, there are three main components.

1. Advertising to feed into the quiz

Interact quizzes are often fed by Facebook ads and Google Adwords. We integrate with both of those systems so you can track your cost per conversion through those channels.

2. Connection to marketing automation/CRM/email marketing to handle leads and quiz data

The primary value our quizzes provide is the ability to generate leads and have those leads attached to quiz data (question responses, which result people get), these are native integrations that can be set up in a few minutes

3. Connection to analytics to report on quiz success

We send all quiz data as well as conversion data to Google Analytics and Facebook advertising platforms so you can track the success of your quizzes and see how many people are taking and completing the quiz content.

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