Seven Wives and Seven Prisons Quiz Questions and Answers

How often do you find yourself thinking about marriage?

  • All the time, it’s on my mind constantly.
  • I think about it sometimes, but I’m not obsessed.
  • Honestly, I don’t think about it too much.
  • Marriage isn’t something I really care about.

What happened in the past when you thought you had found true love?

  • I got caught up in the excitement and ignored the warning signs.
  • I got hurt and disappointed, but I learned from my mistakes.
  • It turned out to be a big mistake, and I was left with nothing but regret.
  • I’ve never really experienced true love, at least not yet.

How do you feel about the consequences of your actions?

  • I’m always trying to make amends and learn from my mistakes.
  • Sometimes I feel guilty, but I try to move on.
  • I accept the consequences, but I don’t always understand them.
  • I don’t like to dwell on the past, it’s all in the past.

What do you think you need to be truly happy?

  • A partner who loves and supports me unconditionally.
  • A strong sense of purpose and a fulfilling career.
  • Financial stability and the freedom to do what I want.
  • I’m not sure what I need to be happy, but I’m searching.

What are you most excited about?

  • The possibility of finding someone special to share my life with.
  • The chance to make a real difference in the world.
  • Achieving my goals and living a comfortable life.
  • I’m not sure what I’m excited about, I’m just taking things as they come.

What do you think is missing in your quest to find true love?

  • I need to be more open and vulnerable with people.
  • I need to focus on myself before I can love someone else.
  • I need to learn from my past mistakes and avoid repeating them.
  • I’m not sure what’s missing, but I’m still searching.

You have a choice of love or freedom, which do you choose?

  • Love is the most important thing to me, even if it comes with challenges.
  • Freedom is essential, I need to be able to make my own choices.
  • It’s a tough choice, I need both love and freedom.
  • I’m not sure, I need to think about it.

What keeps you up at night about marriage?

  • The possibility of being betrayed or hurt again.
  • The responsibility and commitment that comes with marriage.
  • The fear of losing my independence.
  • Marriage doesn’t really worry me, I’m not sure why.

What comes to mind when you think about prison?

  • The harshness and brutality of the environment.
  • The fear of being locked up and losing my freedom.
  • The possibility of making new connections and learning new skills.
  • Prison is a place I’d rather not think about.

Which of these is most likely to be a struggle for you?

  • Avoiding impulsive decisions and taking risks.
  • Committing to long-term relationships and responsibilities.
  • Maintaining a positive attitude and finding happiness despite challenges.
  • I’m not sure what struggles I’ll face, but I’ll deal with them as they come.

Someone asks you “How are you doing?” after you’ve been through a lot, what’s the actual answer, not just “I’m good?”

  • I’m trying to pick up the pieces and move forward.
  • I’m doing okay, but I have my moments.
  • I’m not sure how to answer that question.
  • I’m just trying to get by.

A new situation comes up, what is your first response?

  • I’ll try to stay positive and optimistic.
  • I’ll assess the situation and come up with a plan.
  • I’ll probably worry and overthink things.
  • I’ll just go with the flow and see what happens.

How prepared are you for the consequences of your actions?

  • I always try to think ahead and prepare for the worst.
  • I’m not sure what consequences might arise, I’ll deal with them when they happen.
  • I tend to be optimistic and hope for the best.
  • I’m not prepared for any consequences, I’ll figure it out as I go.

What happens if you fall in love with someone who is not right for you?

  • I’ll try to talk myself out of it and avoid getting hurt.
  • I’ll go for it, even if it means risking my heart.
  • I’ll try to find a compromise that works for both of us.
  • I’m not sure what I would do, it depends on the situation.

How do you handle being accused of something you didn’t do?

  • I’ll fight tooth and nail to prove my innocence.
  • I’ll try to stay calm and collected, but it’s tough.
  • I’ll probably feel overwhelmed and stressed out.
  • I’ll just accept my fate and move on.

How well do you stick to your convictions, even when things get tough?

  • I stand by my beliefs no matter what.
  • I’m willing to compromise if necessary.
  • I sometimes doubt myself and change my mind.
  • I’m not sure how I would handle a difficult situation.

Which of the following is most accurate when it comes to your relationship with marriage?

  • I’m deeply drawn to it, even though I’ve had a difficult history.
  • I’m cautious and hesitant to commit, based on my experiences.
  • I’m not sure what I believe about marriage, it’s complicated.
  • Marriage isn’t something I’m interested in at all.

What do you think is the trickiest part about finding true love?

  • Knowing when to trust someone and open up to them.
  • Overcoming past hurts and insecurities.
  • Accepting the imperfections in yourself and others.
  • I’m not sure what’s the trickiest part, everyone has their own struggles.

Do you believe in second chances, or do you think some mistakes are unforgivable?

  • Everyone deserves a second chance, even if they’ve made mistakes.
  • Some mistakes are too serious to forgive, it depends on the situation.
  • I’m not sure what I believe, it’s a complex issue.
  • I believe people should be held accountable for their actions.

What’s your go-to music when you need to escape your troubles?

  • Upbeat and energetic music, something that makes me want to dance.
  • Calm and relaxing music, something that helps me to unwind.
  • Powerful and emotional music, something that helps me to express my feelings.
  • I don’t really listen to music when I’m feeling down.

What place do you most want to explore?

  • A tropical island, where I can relax and escape from everything.
  • A bustling city, where I can experience new cultures and meet new people.
  • A remote wilderness, where I can connect with nature and find peace.
  • I’m not sure where I want to go, I just want to travel.

What is your strongest attribute when it comes to dealing with difficult situations?

  • My resilience and ability to bounce back from setbacks.
  • My determination and willingness to fight for what I believe in.
  • My ability to stay calm and make rational decisions.
  • I’m not sure what my strongest attribute is, I’m still learning.

What is most likely to make you feel down about love?

  • The fear of being hurt or rejected.
  • The uncertainty of finding someone who loves me for who I am.
  • The realization that love doesn’t always last forever.
  • I don’t get too down about love, I’m a positive person.

How comfortable are you with the idea of being vulnerable with someone you love?

  • I’m comfortable being vulnerable, it’s essential for a strong connection.
  • I struggle to open up and trust people, it’s a challenge for me.
  • I’m not sure how comfortable I am with vulnerability, I need to think about it.
  • I prefer to keep my emotions hidden, it’s safer that way.

How often do you find yourself daydreaming about a perfect life with a partner?

  • I daydream about it all the time, it’s my escape from reality.
  • I daydream about it sometimes, but it’s not my main focus.
  • I don’t daydream about a perfect life, I’m focused on the present.
  • I think about what I want in a partner, but I don’t daydream about a perfect life.

You are at a party and someone starts talking about their upcoming wedding, what do you do?

  • I’ll congratulate them and ask them about their plans.
  • I’ll politely excuse myself and find someone else to talk to.
  • I’ll try to change the subject and avoid talking about marriage.
  • I’ll join the conversation and share my own thoughts on marriage.

What’s your idea of the perfect first date?

  • A romantic dinner followed by a walk under the stars.
  • An adventurous activity, like hiking or kayaking.
  • A relaxed evening at home, getting to know each other.
  • I’m not sure what the perfect first date would be, I’m open to anything.

If you could wave a magic wand, what would the perfect outcome be when it comes to finding love?

  • To meet someone who loves me for who I am and accepts my flaws.
  • To have a happy and fulfilling relationship that lasts a lifetime.
  • To find someone who shares my values and interests.
  • I’m not sure what the perfect outcome would be, I’m just hoping for happiness.

How would your friends and family describe your approach to love?

  • You’re a hopeless romantic who always falls in love too quickly.
  • You’re cautious and careful when it comes to love, you’ve been hurt before.
  • You’re a bit of a loner who doesn’t really care about love.
  • You’re a passionate and loving person, but you can be a bit intense.

How connected do you feel to the idea of finding a partner who understands you completely?

  • I deeply desire a partner who understands me, it’s a powerful need.
  • I’m not sure if I need someone to understand me completely, I can be independent.
  • I’m not sure if complete understanding is possible, we all have our own experiences.
  • I’m not looking for someone to understand me, I’m looking for someone to love me.

Tell us a little about your view on commitment and loyalty in relationships.

  • Commitment and loyalty are essential for a strong and lasting relationship.
  • I value commitment and loyalty, but I also believe in being honest with yourself.
  • I’m not sure about commitment and loyalty, it’s a complex issue.
  • I’m not comfortable with commitment, I prefer to be free.

Which of the following do you notice yourself worrying about on a day-to-day basis?

  • Whether I’ll ever find someone to love and spend my life with.
  • How I’ll manage my finances and achieve my goals.
  • Whether I’m making the right choices in life.
  • I don’t worry too much about things, I just take each day as it comes.

What’s your biggest challenge right now when it comes to love and relationships?

  • Overcoming my fear of commitment and vulnerability.
  • Learning from my past mistakes and avoiding repeating them.
  • Accepting the possibility that I might not find true love.
  • I’m not sure what my biggest challenge is, but I’m working on it.

How do you handle the ups and downs that come with a relationship?

  • I communicate openly and honestly, even when things are difficult.
  • I try to stay positive and focus on the good times.
  • I tend to withdraw and avoid conflict.
  • I’m not sure how I would handle a difficult situation, I’ll deal with it as it comes.

Which member of the Scheimer family are you?

  • Sarah, the daughter who yearns for love despite her family’s disapproval.
  • The father, who is fiercely protective of his daughter and determined to keep her safe.
  • The mother, who is torn between her love for her daughter and her disapproval of Abbott.
  • The brother, who is fiercely loyal to his family and seeks to protect his sister’s honor.

How confident are you in your ability to escape from difficult situations?

  • I’m confident in my ability to escape, I’m resourceful and determined.
  • I’m not sure how I would handle a difficult situation, I’d probably panic.
  • I’m not comfortable with escaping, I prefer to face things head-on.
  • I’m not sure how confident I am, it depends on the situation.

Do you have a support system in place, such as close friends or family who you can rely on?

  • I have a strong support system of friends and family who I can always count on.
  • I have some friends and family, but I don’t always rely on them.
  • I prefer to handle things on my own, I’m independent.
  • I don’t have a lot of people I can rely on, I’m a bit isolated.

How do you determine your partner’s needs and desires each day?

  • I actively listen to them, communicate openly, and ask questions.
  • I try to pay attention to their behavior and understand their needs.
  • I’m not always sure what they need, but I try my best.
  • I assume they know what they want and I don’t need to ask.

Are your relationships consistently achieving their goals and meeting expectations?

  • Yes, I am happy with my current relationships and they are meeting my expectations.
  • It’s a work in progress, but I’m hopeful that things will improve.
  • No, I’m not satisfied with my relationships and need to make changes.
  • I don’t have any relationships that I am actively working on.

How do you manage the emotional aspects of your relationships?

  • I communicate openly and honestly, expressing my emotions and listening to theirs.
  • I try to be understanding and supportive, but I sometimes struggle with emotions.
  • I tend to avoid emotional conversations and bottle up my feelings.
  • I’m not sure how to manage the emotional aspects of relationships, I need to learn more.

Do you believe in the power of love to heal past wounds and overcome challenges?

  • Absolutely, love is a powerful force that can heal and transform us.
  • I believe love can help, but it’s not a magic cure-all.
  • I’m not sure if love can heal past wounds, it’s a complex issue.
  • I’m not sure if love is the answer, I think we need to focus on ourselves.

I believe that finding true love is a journey that requires patience, understanding, and a willingness to learn and grow.

  • I agree, love takes time and effort, but it’s worth it.
  • I’m not sure if it’s a journey, I think it’s more about being in the right place at the right time.
  • I believe that true love is a rare thing, not everyone is lucky enough to find it.
  • I’m not sure if I believe in true love, it’s a concept that’s hard to define.

I’m afraid that I’ll never find someone who truly loves me and accepts me for who I am.

  • I understand that fear, but I believe that it’s possible to find love.
  • I think it’s important to love yourself before you can be loved by someone else.
  • I’m not afraid of that, I believe that true love exists.
  • I don’t think about those things, I’m not a worrier.

Which of the following is most likely to frustrate you when it comes to relationships?

  • Feeling like I’m not being heard or understood.
  • Being constantly in conflict with my partner.
  • The lack of communication and intimacy.
  • I don’t get frustrated with relationships, I just accept the ups and downs.

What is the trickiest part about managing your emotions in a relationship?

  • Expressing my needs and wants without feeling vulnerable.
  • Dealing with my own insecurities and past hurts.
  • Balancing my own needs with the needs of my partner.
  • I’m not sure what the trickiest part is, it’s all a bit overwhelming.

Do you have a history of repeating the same mistakes in relationships?

  • Yes, I’ve been through this before, and I need to break the cycle.
  • I try to learn from my mistakes, but it’s not always easy.
  • I’m not sure if I repeat the same mistakes, I need to reflect on my past.
  • I don’t think I repeat the same mistakes, I’m a different person now.

How do you manage your expectations when it comes to finding love?

  • I try to keep my expectations realistic and avoid setting myself up for disappointment.
  • I’m not afraid to have high expectations, I believe in finding someone special.
  • I’m not sure how to manage my expectations, it’s a difficult thing to do.
  • I don’t have any expectations, I’m just going with the flow.

I believe that love is a powerful force that can bring joy and happiness into our lives, but it can also be a source of great pain and heartbreak.

  • I agree, love can be both beautiful and challenging.
  • I’m not sure if I believe that, I think love is mostly about happiness.
  • I think love is a bit overrated, it’s not worth the risk.
  • I’m not sure what I believe, I haven’t experienced true love yet.

I’m afraid that I’ll end up making the same mistakes again and hurting myself or others.

  • I understand that fear, but I believe that you can learn from your mistakes and move forward.
  • I think it’s important to forgive yourself and move on.
  • I don’t think about those things, I’m not a worrier.
  • I’m not afraid of making mistakes, everyone makes them.

Which of the following is most likely to frustrate you?

  • When someone doesn’t understand my point of view.
  • When I feel like I’m not being heard or listened to.
  • When people are dishonest or manipulative.
  • I don’t get easily frustrated, I’m a pretty laid-back person.

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