Simplified Way to Build an Effective Giveaway

If you’re looking to build an effective giveaway with Interact, here you go. Check out this post on the simplified way to do a giveaway!

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Build a giveaway with social entries at Interact

Giveaways work well for quickly driving hundreds or thousands of new contacts into your funnel at a relatively low cost. These leads aren’t going to be as qualified as quiz leads, but you’ll still get lots of people in the door, and with the way we set up giveaways at Interact, you can also add social components to boost your social presence on the big networks.

Here are the keys to an effective giveaway.

1. Have a strong and relevant prize

The giveaway needs to not only be valuable, but also make sense for the company that’s running it. It’d be ridiculous to run a giveaway as a car company and give away a Jiffy Lube gift card, but if you’re Jiffy Lube then it does make sense. If you absolutely can’t find anything that’s relevant to your particular company, you can resort to Starbucks giftcards or itunes or something generic like that (but still widely desired).

The exact value of the prize depends on your goals. We’ve worked with brands who want to drive millions of new contacts as part of an annual push, and the grand prize was $50,000, but we’ve also done giveaways for a single sweatshirt that helped a growing brand drive a hundred or so new contacts. Pick a value that’s a bit higher than you’d initially think about doing (a good rule of thumb is to think of the value as the “Cadillac” to the average “Ford” value).

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2. Make subscribing optional

When you set up a giveaway, you can add an optional check-box to subscribe to your regular newsletter. This should not be required, but should have a strong incentive to subscribe. For example, you could promise relevant industry news or to send a discount for anyone who does check the box.

3. Build in social promotion

One of the greatest aspects of creating a giveaway is the ability to also use it as a tool for boosting yourself up on social media. With Interact you can let people gain additional entries by “liking” “tweeting” “pinning” or sharing on Instagram. You can then run future promotions to get those people onto your email list and and purchasing your products 🙂

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4. Be very careful with your terms

You can use a template like RocketLawyer to create the terms for your giveaway. These are very important, and you can easily find yourself in a world of trouble if you’re not careful.

Build a giveaway with social entries at Interact

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