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I had a conversation with a client today who had struggled to find a groove with quizzes + Facebook ads, but finally hit on a quiz that’s converting at 30% (from view to lead). It was a great reminder that social is a tricky channel, but can deliver some incredible results. Here are a few things to keep in mind as we continue a foray into a social media world.

1. Social lead magnets must walk the line between entertainment and relevance. 

Two quick stories here. One is from a cosmetics brand who created a super fun “Celebrity” quiz that’s delivering leads at $0.45 each, but the leads are low quality and take a long time to convert (if they ever do). The other is from a coffee company that made a “How much do you know?” quiz about coffee that was definitely only relevant to coffee lovers, but no one wanted to take that quiz.

So the key is to create content this is both entertaining and relevant – like “What’s Your Style?” for clothing brands or “What’s Your Ideal Major?” for a University.

2. Personalization is everything.

I mean it’s kind of the reason for social media’s stickiness. We love to check our feeds because the news has to do with us, through our friends and family. However, most social advertising is not personalized at the moment. What we’ve found at Interact is that the reason people love quizzes is because a quiz can tell you something about yourself. You can take advantage of this in two ways.

First, use a “Which (Blank) Are You?” type of quiz to stand out and attract attention. Second, take advantage of marketing automation to set up personalized follow-ups for quiz takers so they get an email sequence based on which quiz result they got. For example, if you have a “What Major is Best for You?” quiz, you can send one set of emails to Economics majors and another to Computer Science majors.

3. Some things never get old.

It’s annoying, but the same quiz your great grandfather took in Cosmopolitan is being re-created on Facebook for you to take. The takeaway for social marketers is to capitalized on the successes you find by running consistent ads into proven marketing automation programs that lead directly to revenue. Obviously continue experimenting, but keep the good efforts going.

Create a Quiz for Social Media Now