The 4 Most Popular Types of Personality Quizzes

Have you seen quizzes while scrolling through your social media feed? 

We’d be willing to guess they were personality quizzes. 

Personality quizzes are the most common type of quiz in virtually every industry. In fact, 70% of quizzes made through Interact are personality quizzes. Print magazine quizzes first put them on the map, but personality quizzes really hit their stride after the explosion of Buzzfeed quizzes.

Personality quizzes are unique because they help quiz-takers better understand themselves through a memorable self-discovery journey. Quiz-takers leave with valuable information they can then use to enhance their self-knowledge, but that’s not all.

As a business owner, you have the unique opportunity to see inside the minds of potential customers and actual audience members. These insights can be invaluable when creating new offers and marketing your business.

If you’re not sure where to start when creating a personality quiz, let’s begin with an overview of the four most popular types of personality quizzes.

Personality quiz types that should be on your radar

Before we dive into each type of personality quiz, remember to choose a topic that interests your audience. What do they want to learn more about? What skill level are they currently at?

Also, think about how you want to position your business and what quiz topic will showcase your expertise. A personality quiz is successful when it consistently generates high-quality leads in your area of expertise.

Once you have a topic in mind, we can dig into the first quiz type.

What’s Your ___ Personality?

One of the most popular personality quiz types is “What’s Your ___ Personality?”. This quiz title gets at the heart of who someone is and their traits.

You can repurpose this quiz idea for virtually any business industry. We’ve seen life coaches, online educators, business consultants, freelancers, and e-commerce shop owners use this personality quiz title to help others on their self-discovery journey.

If you want to use a tried-and-true personality quiz type to engage and fascinate your audience, let’s start with some examples from other quiz creators.

What’s Your Plant Parent Personality? 

To build her email list and bring more people to her podcast, Maria of Bloom and Grow Radio decided to create a “What’s Your Plant Parent Personality?” quiz

Since she identifies as a “plant killer turned plant lady,” Maria felt she was in the perfect position to teach other plant newbies how to grow indoor gardens. She does this primarily through her quiz and even trademarked the name!

Plant growth quiz question

With a wide array of fun GIFs and interesting questions, Maria educates her audience on plant growth tips while providing an interactive experience. 

Since launching her quiz, Maria has doubled her email list, leading to 8,600 highly engaged email subscribers who love her work and can’t wait to learn from her.

What’s Your Coffee Personality?

To personally recommend coffee products to new customers, Bean Box developed a “What’s Your Coffee Personality?” quiz that acts as an automated personal shopper.

These quizzes work well in e-commerce marketing because you can lead with a fun personality result and provide product recommendations at the end.

What's your coffee personality quiz cover

By asking several questions about each quiz-taker’s tastes, preferences, and traits, Bean Box’s quiz can automatically generate personalized quiz results. The brand also includes a $5 coupon code for those who want to try their starter kit.

If you run an online shop, you may want to think about creating a similar personality quiz for your business. It could help you cut down on customer service requests and provide a memorable experience for your customers.

What’s Your ___?

Another popular personality quiz type is the “What’s Your ___?”, which can include a common phrase or introduce an entirely new concept. This type of quiz can be branded to your business and used to position yourself as an expert in your field.

If you aren’t sure where to begin, here are a couple of inspiring personality quiz examples from other successful quiz creators.

What’s Your Secret Sauce?

Jenna Kutcher, a wedding photographer-turned-course-creator, repurposed this popular personality quiz title when she created her “What’s Your Secret Sauce?” quiz. The phrase “secret sauce” is relatively well-known and does a great job of hooking her website visitors. 

What's your secret sauce quiz cover

Inviting her audience members to discover their “secret sauce” speaks to what makes them special. When receiving their results, quiz-takers feel like they’re set apart from others because of their unique strengths and gifts.

By creating a positive personality quiz, Jenna generated hundreds of thousands of email leads while growing her multi-seven-figure business.

What’s Your Core Purpose?

Similarly, coach Amber Lilyestrom wanted her audience to walk away from her “What’s Your Core Purpose?” quiz with a full understanding of what they’re called to do in business.

What's your core purpose quiz cover

By delivering a core purpose profile to every quiz-taker who finishes the quiz, Amber provides the clear next steps they’re looking for on their personal path to purpose.

Amber is already an influencer on social media, so directing people to the quiz gives her a greater opportunity to convert followers into email subscribers. You can do the same with your own personality quiz.

Which ___ Are You?

In a similar vein, a “Which ___ Are You?” quiz will help you uncover the personality types of people within your audience.

This type of quiz is a good fit for entrepreneurs who already have archetypes or profiles they use in their business. If you’ve seen striking similarities between your followers, it may be helpful to provide a quiz that gives them personalized resource recommendations and advice.

If you’re ready to build a personality quiz that answers your audience’s biggest questions, you’ll love learning from these two stand-out quiz examples.

Which Instagram Hashtag Are You?

Since much of Beth Kirby’s Local Milk blog audience follows her on Instagram, it made sense for her to create a “Which Instagram Hashtag Are You?” quiz. 

Beth is known for her beautiful curation and photography, so she enhanced her quiz with lifestyle photography and insightful prompts.

By pairing her audience members with a specific hashtag, she gives them the tools they need to increase their reach on Instagram.

Beth’s entire quiz experience is perfectly branded, making the quiz feel like an effortless extension of her brand. You can do the same when using brand photos or free stock photos from our library with a similar vibe.

Which Career Mindset Are You?

Life coach Shaina Leis was looking for a way to engage with her growing YouTube audience while growing her email list. She set out to connect with her YouTube subscribers on a deeper level through her “Which Career Mindset Are You?” quiz.

Before creating the quiz, Shaina noticed that many of her followers fell into a few distinct mindsets. These mindsets affected how her followers related to their passions and how they felt about building a dream career.

Which career mindset is keeping you stuck quiz cover

By creating a comprehensive list of resources and exercises for each mindset type, Shaina added a lot of value in a short amount of time. 

Following Shaina’s example, you may want to create a personality quiz that identifies the mindsets that could be keeping your audience stuck instead of reaching their goals.

What’s Your ___ Style?

While there are other personality quizzes you can use as inspiration, the last type we’ll explore is a “What’s Your ___ Style?” quiz. 

This quiz type is popular among freelancers and service providers, but it can be repurposed and used in any industry. If you want to make it your own, think about centering the quiz around a topic related to your niche or something specific your audience wants to learn more about.

If you’re looking to create a magnetizing style-based quiz, let’s review a couple of examples that might get your wheels turning.

What’s Your Visual Brand Style?

As a brand and website designer, Sibila Ribeiro knows how important it is for entrepreneurs to feel 100% confident and in control of their branding. By creating a “What’s Your Visual Brand Style?” quiz, Sibila guides other business owners through the journey of discovering their style.

Knowing someone’s visual brand style is essential to Sibila’s work, and it helps her audience better understand themselves in the process. 

Do you know your visual brand style quiz cover

After intentionally creating a storybook-style journey through her curated quiz questions, Sibila gives each quiz-taker a description of their style and a personalized brand style guide with their type in mind.

In a little over a year, Sibila generated over 14,000 new leads for her courses through the quiz. Talk about a success story!

What’s Your ___ Style?

Wedding florist Lynn of Wild Fleurette wanted to find a unique way to help brides know where to start when choosing their wedding flowers. This is how the “What’s Your Bouquet Style?” quiz was born!

After taking the quiz, brides can effectively communicate what vibe and style they’re envisioning. This makes Lynn’s job so much easier because Lynn and her brides can speak the same language.

What's your bouquet style quiz cover

A style quiz is an easy way to add value and clarity to this process, but you can use this type of quiz in any field.

What personality quiz type should you choose?

As you read through these examples, did you feel like you were gravitating toward a specific type of personality quiz? 

If you still aren’t sure where to start, think about what quiz topic you want to move forward with and fill in the blanks of these common quiz titles:

  • What’s Your ___ Personality? 
  • What’s Your ___?
  • Which ___ Are You?
  • What’s Your ___ Style?

For more inspiration, you can find additional quiz title formulas in our 50 Quiz Titles & Ideas for Every Industry roundup. 

When you create a question-based title that is clear yet intriguing and engaging, you’ll have a winner!

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