The Anatomy of a High Converting Quiz

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Make a lead generation quiz using Interact Quiz Builder

A great quiz does two things:

1. Generate leads you know something about. This is done by asking for information before the results of the quiz. Every time you bring in a new contact in this way you’ll also know which quiz result the person got and be able to use that information in your follow-ups.

2. Provide personalized CTA’s for your audience. Quizzes are set up to have different results based on the takers’ personality type or score. You can provide a link in each individual result that is relevant to the particular person’s type or score.

This week I was privileged to work on a quiz for Marley’s Mutts, a non-profit helping to place older dogs into homes. They do amazing work, and I genuinely found myself appreciating the job they do, I highly recommend checking them out here.

Now given that I took a true interest in this one, I wanted to make especially sure that I put in my best work and created them a quiz that will bring in 1000’s of new subscribers and a ton of new donations. Here’s the process we went through.

Part 1: What the quiz is about

Your company’s most important value. Really that’s it. In this case it’s dogs, which is an awesome thing to make a quiz about – but it’s not always that clear. I’ve also worked on campaigns for software companies where the main value is reliable storage solutions and for retail brands where the main value is stylish clothes.

Distill down what is most important to your brand and base the quiz on that. There’s always something in there to make a quiz about.

Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 7.49.21 PM

Part 2: How the questions are set up

After we came up with an idea for the quiz it was time for me to think about the quiz questions. Here’s the process.

Make them targeted towards your actual audience. I asked some questions to get an idea about what kind of audience we were targeting with this quiz. This information will be used to determine the way questions are asked as well as what kind of images are used (it would be dumb to have a quiz targeted towards older people and only have images of kids as the answer choices).

Use image answers. Image answers are the highest performing format for quiz questions that we’ve found so far. We did a study on this with all of our top quizzes here at Interact, and it’s universally true. The hard part with image questions is finding good pictures to use, which is why we compiled this list of stock image sites to pull from. I try to use what I know about the audience we’re targeting to inform which images are chosen.

dog quiz image answers

Have 7 Questions. We’ve found that 7 is the optimal amount to have. This will take an average of two minutes to complete, which is long enough for the quiz to feel accurate but not too long to where you lose people due to distractedness.

Part 3: The lead capture call to action

In Interact quizzes, the lead capture comes after the last question but before the results. It can be optional or required (I always leave it optional). This ensures that the quiz taker’s full attention is on you, but since it’s not required you don’t risk pissing anyone off.

It should be relevant to the quiz. It’s okay to tell people to enter their email to see their result, that’s intuitive. However, you should customize the text to say “Enter your email to see which Mutt You Are” instead of “Enter your email to see your results” it’s just more personal that way.

Add value beyond just the quiz results. For Marley’s Mutts, I know they send out updates when they rescue dogs and they have amazing stories of hope that people taking this quiz would be interested in. That’s why I added a note that says “You’ll also get updates about our Rescue Dogs once a month” – because that’s something of value outside of just seeing which dog you are.

Important note: I also always add a note about how often the person will be emailed if they choose to opt in.

dog quiz email capture

Part 4: Quiz Results

After the chance to opt-in, the user is then taken directly to their quiz results. I’m always hyper-sensitive to this part because people take it really seriously. It’s like a judgement on their life (even though all you know about them is their answers to 7 questions). But you should see some of the angry comments people leave when they disagree with quiz results – it’s not pretty (see below for example)

angry quiz comment

Positive, short, uplifting. The best way I’ve found to keep the results accurate but not end up with any of these nasty comments is to be positive. You can do this with all of your quiz results by focusing on the good things about a particular result while avoiding the bad. For example, someone who gets 0 correct on a business knowledge quiz could be told that they don’t have any bad habits yet, instead of being told they suck.

Personalized links. Since Marley’s Mutts lives or dies by donations, I wanted to find a way that would make their mission real for quiz takers. The simplest method for this was simply to provide a button for people to donate and help dogs like the one they were paired with.

dog quiz personalized results

Part 5: Personalized follow-up through email

Immediate Thank-You Email. I set up through Constant Contact to have “Thank You” emails sent out to quiz takers immediately after they opt-in. This helps re-affirm the notion of Marley’s Mutts sending out emails.

quiz welcome email

Important Note: Interact now integrated with 412 other businesses through Zapier and direct integrations.

Messages personalized by personality. Because you have to create multiple messages to personalize based on personality, the work becomes exponentially more every time you send out an email. However, if you reference the person’s quiz personality throughout your messages that will really help them feel cared for and not just like another customer.

In conclusion:

I’m starting to see really distinct patterns in what’s working for quizzes, this guide goes over my current progress, stay tuned for more updates in the future.

Make a lead generation quiz using Interact Quiz Builder

Make a High-Converting Quiz Now

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