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If you’re like me, you saw Buzzfeed quizzes or Zimbio quizzes and thought “Shoot, I’d really like to make one of those for my website,” especially one of the ones that has gotten millions of views. The bad news is that most of those quizzes you see don’t allow you to make your own, the good news is that Interact does (start here). This guide walks you through the steps to creating your own quiz along with some general tips on how to create a quiz that’s worth sharing.

Step 1: Write your title and description.

The first step of the quiz-making process is to give your quiz a title, description, and call to action. There are some great tips for writing titles here, and for the description, you want to reaffirm the title while adding some intrigue. On this screen you may also upload a custom cover photo (which I recommend doing), and add your own company logo instead of the interact one.



Step 2: Connect up your email list (if you want to)

This is an optional but very cool feature of interact quizzes. We’ve created partnerships with various email marketing and marketing automation programs to funnel new emails collected through your quiz into your email list. On this page, just select your email marketing program from the list and sign in to connect it up.



One other thing you can do with the email capture feature is customize the call to action, so when people take your quiz they are presented with text that makes sense in the context of what you’ve created. For example, if your quiz is about The World Cup, and you are going to follow up with marketing tips learned from the world cup, tell the quiz taker that that is what’s going on so they know.



Step 3: Write the quiz questions. The majority of time spent on your quiz is in the questions -both for you as the creator and for the people who take your quiz. Here are some general tips on writing quiz questions based off of over 1000 quizzes created using Interact.

  • Keep it simple. I’m a big fan of questions that use plain english. Quizzes are great because you can do things like ask questions that simply say “pick one” and it’s still intuitive. Don’t over-complicate things by creating confusing wording.
  • Don’t have too many. Ten questions takes about two minutes to finish (based on our analytics data). You don’t want to ask for much more than two minutes of your quiz takers’ time or you risk losing people before they finish
  • Get the scoring right. The way interact scoring works is by assigning values to every quiz answer. These are numerical value (integers if you want to get specific). Based on the total number of points a quiz-taker gets, they will be shown a different result.


Free Live Training! How to Generate Leads Using Quizzes. Click here to claim your spot

Step 4: Create the quiz results. This is your chance to amplify the reach of your quiz. Quizzes are notoriously share-able and you can take advantage of that if you do some things right. Based on our quizzes and popular quizzes on the web, here are the best practices for making results.

  • Give it a good title. Each quiz result is like a short story about the person who just finished your quiz. Short stories need great titles if you want to maximize the impact.
  • Be uplifting. The results are a story about the quiz taker, a personal story that’s believable because the quiz taker just answered a bunch of personal questions to get to the result. Don’t insult people by making their story a negative one.
  • Get scoring right. Based on your quiz questions, you will have a total number of points available, let’s say you have a maximum of 50. For personality-type quizzes, you can get the scoring right by lining up your results (for example, from most introverted to least introverted), then 41-50 is the most introverted and 0-9 is the least introverted. The middle scores correlate to the middle personalities.



Embedding/Sharing. Quizzes can be put anywhere. They embed in blog posts the way that YouTube videos do, or they can be shared through social networks. The best way to share your quiz is by taking it yourself and sharing your result. The results will be formatted like this: “I got (result)(name of quiz)” that way every result is personal and encourages other people to take the quiz.



To make your own quiz, head to

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