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How to go about making a quiz (4 steps)

1. Picking a topic that works. Quizzes can work for any industry, we’ve had everything from Retail Brands to Hospitalsc build quizzes using Interact. The key to finding a topic that resonates is to understand who your audience is. Here are a couple of tips for how to do that.

  • Write the quiz for one person.Think of one person, a specific person who would really get a kick out of the quiz you are building. Are they a potential customer? Would they share your quiz? If you can’t think of anyone who would like your quiz, then you might be doing the wrong thing. On the other hand, if you can think of one person, odds are there’s a lot of others just like that person.
  • Write for a very interested audience. There was a quiz made just for people living in Faequeir County, Virginia, a county with population of just 60,000. The quiz was taken 10,000 times. Even if your overall audience isn’t very large, if they are hyper-interested, you can create a quiz that gets healthy traffic.

branded quiz design

2. Writing the quiz title. Titles make a massive difference. The same piece with two different titles can see hugely different amounts of traffic. Quizzes are a bit different from typical posts because they are a one-to-one medium rather than an article where you are just talking to people. Given this advantage, here are a couple of quiz title templates that work very well.

  • The “Actually” Title: Here are two versions of one title. “How much do you know about Apple?” or “How Much do You Actually Know About Apple?” That one word changes everything. Instead of this being a boring knowledge test, it becomes a challenge to see how smart you are.
  • The Celebrity Personality Title: Again, here are two versions of a quiz: “What’s your personality?” vs. “Which Celebrity is Most Like You?” these two quizzes are essentially exactly the same, but add in a celebrity and it becomes so much more intriguing.
  • Do you really (blank)? For example “Do you really know how to fish?” this one is again a test of knowledge, but it comes off as a personal assessment of how great you are.
  • Which (blank) are you? “Which Cheese are You?” or “Which Truck Are You?” these quizzes are another version of the classic Meyers-Briggs personality quiz but with weird or odd objects super-imposed.

3. Creating your quiz questions. The questions of a quiz are your opportunity to have a conversation with every single person who takes your quiz and build some chemistry so they’ll feel a connection with your brand. Here are a few ways to seem more personable online and create those connections.

  • Speak like yourself (but like your tipsy self). The internet is a place for blowing things a little bit out of proportion. We often turn to it out of boredom or while at work when we really shouldn’t be browsing. What I’m getting at with all this is that you should make your quiz questions fun to read and fun to answer.
  • Get very personal. We very much like to talk about ourselves. Make your quiz questions fit into that desire. Ask questions that make your quiz takers think.

quiz image questions

4. Writing the quiz results. The results of your quiz are where the magic happens (the magic being when people share your quiz and drive traffic back to it). There are a couple of tricks to make this happen more often, here are the things we’ve learned.

  • Use psychology to be positive. In a 2008 Harvard Article on positive psychology, they say that positive psychology involves positive emotions and personal strengths. Pick out the positive emotions and strengths of each result, no matter what it is, and focus on those.
  • Be honest. Positive psychology only works when it’s based in truth. As you can see below, even if you tell someone they are a cup of coffee, there are true attributes that can be pulled out and used.

quiz results

5. Generating new leads (optional). Quizzes boast a 50% conversion rate, meaning that half of all people who finish a quiz will put in their email address to receive updates (that number is averaged across 1000 quizzes we’ve run analytics on). Once again, there are some best practices to follow when doing lead generation for your quiz.

  • Make the offer relevant. One of our highest-performing quizzes of all time is one about Microsoft Excel. The quiz generates leads for a newsletter about Microsoft Excel, and the lead generation form asks if people would like to opt-in to learn more about Excel – not bad.
  • Make a trade. You are asking for people to hand over their information, in return they will be expecting you to give them something. Make that something worth it.

quiz lead capture


 Three examples of quizzes in real life

1. ZGallerie

Zgallerie is a home furnishings brand with a loyal following. They created a quiz to help potential customers decide which category of products were best suited for them, and it’s been a smash hit. People are in love with the brand, the quiz, and their results.

quiz shared on twitter

2. Forbes

Forbes has used Interact to create a college quiz for the last two years. This quiz gets 250,000 visits a year, and fuels a tool they’ve created that helps you compare colleges. It has also led them to a #1 ranking for the term “college quiz,” a term that entire companies have been formed around.

forbes quiz example

3. Red Lobster

The Red Lobster created their most “liked” Facebook of all time using interact. It’s the Shrimp Personality quiz you see below, and it racked up nearly 200,000 likes in a few weeks, a testament to the enormous power of quizzes.



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