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The top 10% of quizzes created using Interact get 90% of the traffic. These pieces of perfection are receiving hundreds of thousands of views and blowing up servers. This naturally leads us to wonder what it is about those quizzes that caused them to have so much success.

We got out our statistics hat and ran some numbers to try and discover what exactly was causing these quizzes to go viral. Here are the secrets to creating the perfect quiz.

Part 1: Design

Quizzes are highly visual. They have images as questions, images as answers, colored background, and logos on printed in the corners. All of this can be a lot to take in and it’s easy to over-design your quiz to the point where it’s just too busy. To help alleviate much of the difficulty, we created a nice infographic to show the important elements of a quiz and how to craft yours just like it.

anatomy of a perfect quiz

Part 2: Content

Even a greatly designed quiz is nothing unless it’s filled up with content that people will actually care about. Let’s break down the different elements of quiz and go over the best practices that have lead to some quizzes doing very well.

1. Quiz titlesĀ 

Titles are extremely important for quizzes because most quiz traffic comes through social shares, and on a social share you really only see the title of a quiz and an image before deciding if you want to take the quiz or not.

After analyzing all the top quizzes, here are a free title templates we found to work very well.

The “Which (blank) are you?” title: “Which famous author are you?” This is probably the most versatile of all title templates because it can be used for virtually anything, all the way from “Which mascot are you?” to “Which kind of hot dog are you?.”

To use this title, just think of several people or products you’d like to use as the “personalities” of your quiz, then write quiz questions that guide users to one of those personalities based on the way in which they answer the questions.

The “Actually” title: “How much do you actually know about donuts?” This title begins life as a simple knowledge test, but then you add the word “actually” and it becomes something much more. I’m kind of joking but kind of not, while adding one word really doesn’t make a difference, the fact that you have now turned a boring test into a challenge does make a difference in how the quiz is perceived.

The celebrity title. “Which celebrity hairstyle should you get?” We all hear about celebrities, like it or not, and adding the word celebrity to your quiz title can increase traffic by 2x for some quizzes. To mix your brand into the quiz, write corresponding articles for each result and link out to them or offer a product that the celebrity uses which can be bought in your store.

NEW! The “Who did it?” title: “Who said it: ISIS or Hamas?” has the internet debating furiously the last few weeks, and they aren’t the only quiz to have success with the “choose the correct one” model. A quiz like this begins life as a knowledge test, just like the actually quiz, and then it morphs into a competition between the results.

2. Quiz questions

This is where the real magic happens. In no other form of content to you have content producer and content consumer interacting directly through questions and answers. When you create a quiz you get an opportunity to speak directly with customers and get to know them a little before presenting your value proposition.

To make the most of this awesome opportunity, keep these few things in mind.

Speak from the heart. By which I mean don’t get scared because a lot of people will take your quiz, let your personality shine instead. Speak in a conversational tone and leave your ego at the door.

Hint at the goal. When people answer your questions they should be getting curious about what’s to come, but you shouldn’t give away the results. Make sure that each questions correlates with the quiz results, otherwise cut out the question.

Keep it short. Don’t have more than 15 questions, any longer than that and people will get bored and click away to look at more pictures from the Grammys.

3. Quiz results

You got someone to click on your quiz, and answer all your questions – now it’s time to get them to click “share” and spread your quiz around to friends. That’s where the results come in. While I focus on the sharing element, don’t go and shout at people to share your quiz, the prompting has to be subtle, here’s how to get that done.

Be nice. We generally share things on social networks that make us look good. If I take your career quiz and you tell me that I should be a janitor because I’m no good at anything, I’m not going to share that result. However, if you tell me I should be a janitor because I enjoy helping people and taking care of the environment, I’d be much more likely to share.

Don’t lie. People can see right through you if you create quiz results that just tell everyone they are amazing for no reason. Like I did in the previous point, pull out the good parts of your quiz results and focus on those rather than making things up.

Prepare to be shared. This might sound goofy, but if you aren’t ready for the way your quiz will get shared, it won’t look good when people do share it. The way Interact quiz shares work is like this: “I got (my result) (title of the quiz”" so “I got Janitor – what should your career actually be?” make sure you name your quiz and quiz results to fit into this formula.


That’ s it, now you know how to make the perfect quiz just like the top 10% of Interact users. Get to it and make your own quiz now!

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