The ChatGPT Prompt to Turn Any Book into a Quiz! 

If you’ve ever wanted to create a fun and engaging quiz based on a book you love or maybe even a book you wrote, then you’re in the right place. In this article, you’ll find the ChatGPT prompt to turn any book into a quiz!

With the help of ChatGPT, we’ll show you how to summarize your book in 100-word sections and convert them into a fully built-out quiz. Whether you’re an author looking to promote your book or a book lover wanting to share your favorite reads, this guide will walk you through the steps to create a quiz to entertain and engage your audience.   

Let’s go ahead and turn an entire book into a quiz with ChatGPT!

Summarizing Your Book With ChatGPT

The ChatGPT prompt to summarize your book text: 

What’s the basic premise of the text in the system? 

Answer in 100 words or less, as if you were the original author, speaking in the same tone, style, format, and tense. 

All it takes is two easy steps to get an entire summary of your book in ChatGPT: 

  1. Copy and paste the ChatGPT prompt along with 5,000 words from your book. 
  2. Copy and paste each 100-word summary into a Google Document. 

Let’s get started!

Open up ChatGPT to use your first prompt. Here’s what it will look like: 

Take 5,000-word sections of your book and have ChatGPT summarize each one. Next, copy and paste one 5,000-word section and ask it to summarize it in 100 words. You will then get a summary in the assistant section of ChatGPT.

Save the 100-word summary into a Google Document:

Repeat these steps for each 5,000-word section until you have summarized the entire book through ChatGPT into 100-word sections.

Convert Your Book Summary into a Quiz  

Now let’s use the ChatGPT prompt to turn any book into a quiz!


Read this text and identify the main theme.

Then, determine which of the following types of quizzes would fit best with the primary theme of the text. 

Then, convert the text into the type of quiz it is closest to. 

Types of quizzes. 

<Quiz types>

1. Assessment 

Quiz Title: 

<Choose one of the following title formats>

How (behavioral attribute related to topic are you?
Are you a (behavioral attribute related to topic? 

Question 1: [Question text]
Answer A: [Answer text]
Answer A score: [Number of points]
Answer B: [Answer text]
Answer B score: [Number of points]
Score Ranges:
Min-Max: [Outcome Title]
Outcome 1 Title 
Outcome 1 Image: [What kind of photo would represent this result and feature a person? Answer with a two word search term] 
Outcome 1 description [75-100 words, starts off with “Your…” Then describe the outcome in a positive way, follow up with recommendations on how to improve positioned as starting from a good place and getting better] 

The next step is to run your summary (which should now be in a Google Document) through our prompt that converts any piece of text into a quiz. 

Here is what the prompt to turn any book into a quiz looks like in ChatGPT:

Paste your book summary under the first sentence of the prompt and then click “Submit.” 

We summarized The Banner Boy Scouts for this demo. Given the book topic, we could use our quiz to encourage people to join the Boy Scouts. The book is an excellent example of what Boys Scouts learn in their troops. 

When we asked ChatGPT what the best quiz topic was for this book, it told us to create a knowledge test to quiz people on how much they know about The Banner Boy Scouts.

We chose to stick with the recommended topic of “How much do you know about The Banner Boy Scouts?” You can see in the assistant section that ChatGPT gave a few questions with specific answers: 

ChatGPT also gave outcomes to grade quiz-takers on how much they know:

Feel free to check out our book quiz templates for inspiration!

Additional ChatGPT Prompts to Improve Your Quiz

If you want to ask more questions or expand your outcomes, it’s super easy to type in the following prompt and expand your quiz in seconds. 

The ChatGPT prompt for your outcomes: 

I want three unique outcomes and five total questions with three answer choices each. Write the additional outcome and questions in the same format. 

You can adjust the prompt to get however many questions and outcomes you want. 

After pressing “Submit,” ChatGPT will write the extra questions for you, including the correct answer explanation. 

You can also ask ChatGPT to write a short description for your quiz cover page.

The ChatGPT prompt for short descriptions: 

Now write a short quiz description that will appear on the quiz cover and get people excited to take the quiz and find out their results. Follow this format. 

Short Description: [25 words enticing me to find my quiz result]

Finalizing Your Book Quiz

Here is what our final quiz looked like once we put all of our information into Interact!

Cover page—we added an image:

A question example: 

And finally, the results page: 

You can fully embellish your quiz results page to add action steps for quiz-takers. If they only scored a two, you could suggest they reread the book, or you could recommend one of your products or services to help them. 

Final Thoughts

You can take super long text and condense it into a concise summary using ChatGPT! Doing this lets you make a quiz out of your entire book, no matter the length. If you don’t know where to start with your quiz, head to our AI-powered Quiz Maker, and someone from our team will contact you shortly!

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