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Quizzes have been dubbed “a ridiculously effective lead generation strategy” – ConversionXL I can personally attest to the power that a quiz has for generating new sales prospects. The best way to explain this power is to understand that quizzes have amazing sharing power and they have a built-in mechanism for enticing prospects to opt-in.

Let’s break down those massive assertions real quick before we go over how to actually create a lead gen quiz. Okay first, the part about getting shared a lot. Quizzes were 8 of the top 10 posts for last year, and in our own studies we’ve found that people like to share quizzes because they are so much more personal than other forms of online content.

Second, the part about getting people to opt-in. Quizzes present their lead gen form between the quiz questions and quiz results. Doing it this way gets you two advantages. First, you can make the call to action relevant to the quiz (I.E. enter your information to get updates on your personality type) second, the person wants to see which result they got, and even though Interact defaults to having a skip option, opt-in rates still top 50% on average.

Those are the reasons. I wish I could tell you with 100% certainty that if you make a quiz and follow the guidelines below that your quiz will go viral and also bring in a bunch of new leads, but I’ve realized that there is still a wildcard factor to quizzes, sometimes they just take off for no reason I can foresee. However, what I can guarantee is that if you follow this formula your quiz will be a success, meaning it will be shared and bring in new leads at a higher-than-average pace for your content. This is what I call the “non-viral quiz formula that sometimes goes viral but always performs”

Step 1: Make your quiz

Pick a good topic

When your quiz gets shared on Facebook, the main thing that shows up is the title. Nearly 80% of people will just see this and decide if they are interested in the quiz (that’s quite logical). Because quizzes are all so similar, there are a few “title templates” that just work well all the time.

For Personality Quizzes

  • Which (blank) are you? “Which Friends Character are You?” this type of quiz appeals to our desire to learn more about ourselves, and is based off the original quiz, The Myers Briggs personality quiz. To be quite real with you, 75% of quiz traffic goes to quizzes with this type of title, it’s by far the most appealing.
  • What type of (blank) are you?: “What type of traveler are you?” this is really quite similar to the which (blank) title, but is a bit more targeted. For example, the traveler quiz limits you to types of travelers rather than being a quiz that discriminates between travelers, adventurers, and backpackers, something like that.

For Assessments

  • How much do you know about? “How much do you know about classic cars?” Sometimes it works best to do a quiz where correct answers exist. For example, if you are a magazine about cars and you know your readers have a strong interest in automobile history you could do a test on that. People feel compelled to share their results (especially when they do well on the quiz)
  • Can you pass the (blank) test? “Can you pass the networking knowledge test?” Another strong case for quizzes is in the assessment area. You can do a quiz like this and give people a certificate if they pass, leading to more people sharing and amplifying the reach of your quiz.

Personality types

For my example lead generation quiz I’m going to do a personality type quiz titled “What’s your party personality?” (shout-out to Evite for the idea). I’ll walk through the pieces and best practices for making a personality quiz – if you aren’t interested than skip to the bottom for just the lead gen part.

So here’s the first set of tips on making your personality types.

1. Be kind

No one wants to share a negative statement about themselves. In fact, we ran a study and found that nearly 2.3’s of tweets originating from quiz results contained some sort of positive trigger word like “great” “excellent” or “awesome.” The key here is to make your positive statement convincing, which can be done by telling the truth. For example, my “crazy guy” quiz result says “parties literally don’t start until you walk in” which is a compliment, but also true of someone who is known as “the crazy guy.”

2. Have fun

Remember that a quiz is mostly for fun. We follow the Shaq Rule for quizzes, which says that you should make your content 80% to entertain, 15% to educate and 5% to sell. Since we are pretty much using up our selling portion by collecting leads, your quiz should be all fun.

3. Include a follow-up

Quiz results are personalized to each quiz taker. You won’t see the “socialite” result if you get “crazy guy” as your result. That means you have an opportunity to speak to people in a much more targeted way, and part of that is providing follow-up opportunities. This can mean you include a link to a guide explaining the personality type further or a link to get a discount on products or really anything that is exclusive to that particular personality type.

4. 3-5 sentences

You want your results to have a decent description, but you don’t want to go on and on. A typical viral quiz made on Interact has one paragraph results, about 3-5 sentences.

crazy guy


This is by far my favorite part of a quiz. In the questions you get to have a conversation (albeit scripted) with your web visitors. This gives your quiz a massive advantage over the competition, and this part of your quiz should be taken very seriously to maximize success.

Here’s what to do.

1. Pictures

The main goal for your quiz questions should be to prevent people from thinking about quizzes they had to take in school. That means having goofy pictures. We found that all 100 of the top 100 Interact quizzes had at least one image question in them. When adding images, make sure they are high enough quality or you risk losing some of your quiz takers’ trust, and in turn they won’t want to provide their lead information later on.

2. Conversational

Remember that you are only ever talking to one person at a time in your quiz. You can make your tone personal without worry. In fact, one of our customers from Ireland said they only ask questions that would be okay to ask of a friend in a pub – we named that the Pub Rule, everyone should follow it.

3. 6-10 questions

This many questions will take about two minutes to answer, that’s the right amount to not bore people.

dance move

Lead generation form

This is the part we’ve all been waiting for, so how does the whole lead generation thing work? Let’s break it down. Between the questions of your quiz and the results (after you answered the questions, before you see your results), you can ask for information from the quiz taker. Here are the options.

-Name (first and last)


-Company name

-Zip code

-Phone number

-Also include your own privacy policy link.

I’ve included a screenshot of the setup process here, and I want to focus on the “email heading” and “email subheading” pieces. This is the message that people will see when the lead generation form is presented, and is your call to action, below the image are some tips on how to write the CTA.

email setup

1. Your logo

Before you start writing, make sure your logo is uploaded to the quiz. This reassures people of who they are dealing with and gives a visual representation of your company. Make sure it’s large enough, the Interact size is 250x150px.

2. Honesty

The biggest thing when asking for this information is telling people exactly what you are going to do with it. In my example I want to send personalized party recommendations by email. I could even improve my text by saying how often I’m going to be sending emails, the more transparent you can be here the better.

3. An offer

Don’t just ask for information with no reasoning behind it. Of course the concept is that you are withholding the quiz results, but there should be an added element to your ask. This element should be directly related to the quiz, if you are doing a quiz about various products, you should offer a discount for subscribing, if you are doing a quiz about personalities, offer to send personalized content.

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Step 2: Collect leads that you know about

Now I have email leads that I can actually use really effectively. I know that Bo Jangles is the “Crazy Guy” party personality and I have his email address to send personalized messages to after the quiz. Ideally what you do is set up different campaigns in your marketing automation program and then import these leads to begin being nurtured along. The leads will be in a nice format for importing to your program.

evite leads

So that’s it, I won’t spend time talking about what to send your leads once you have them, that’s for another post. Hopefully you now have enough information to get started with your first lead generation quiz!

Make Your Lead-Generation Quiz Now!

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