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A majority of quiz traffic comes from social media. Facebook leads the way and Twitter follows close behind, together making up more than 65% of all traffic to Interact quizzes. Social is the most important part of marketing when it comes to quizzes.

There’s more to social marketing for quizzes than just clicking a button to share, the process starts in the formulation of the quiz and must be carried all the way through until you do click that button to share.

In this guide I will walk you through the aspects of a quiz that make it share-worthy as well as some tactics for making sure your quiz performs well after it gets shared.

Part 1: Putting your quiz out there

There are two social networks you need to get right if you want any chance of your quiz going viral; Facebook and Twitter. Sharing your quiz out on these networks is simple, but there are a few twists to go over.

Facebook. Has two options, a timeline share and an app share. The most common instance is just a timeline share, but if you are looking for something more permanent, using an app to have your quiz become a permanent fixture on your Facebook page can be very effective.

Timeline. Sharing on your timeline is as simple as clicking the Facebook button from within your Interact dashboard. This will automatically share both your cover photo and the title of your quiz. I like when people add a bit more personal flair to the share, just the quiz title is a bit bland. Throw your own spin on things.

which cake

In an app. Embedding a quiz in a static html app is pretty simple, but I created a guide for how to do it over here. A good example of using an app to embed a quiz comes from Cal Recycle, who created a quiz “What’s your recycling personality?” that is applicable to anyone who visits their Facebook page.

recycling personality

Twitter. Twitter doesn’t let you automatically share images the way Facebook does, which is a bummer. Don’t worry though, you can either share without an image which is still effective, or manually add a screenshot of the quiz or your quiz results. The best Twitter shares have their own personal touch, just like Facebook.


Part 2: How to make a quiz that’s worth sharing

Getting more shares does not just begin and end with the share button. Before you even expose your quiz to an audience it’s important to put in the work to create an excellent quiz that deserves to be shared. In the following steps I’ll walk through the elements of a quiz that’s worth sharing based on analyzing more than 2000 quizzes created using Interact.

1. Picking a topic that fits your niche. 

Before you put pen to paper (actually fingers to keys), you have to come up with a topic that resonates with your audience or else they’ll never bother to share it with friends. Here are some pointers to keep in mind when picking your topic.

Target a small group of people who care. Trying to please everyone in the world with your quiz will only lead to creating a mediocre quiz that no one really cares about. Instead, create a quiz that a smaller group of people will really enjoy. For example, there’s a newspaper in Faquier County, Virginia that created a quiz for the residents of their county (of which there are only 80,000).


Within two weeks one in every four residents of the county had taken the quiz. When you consider that only 1/2 of those residents voted in the last election, that’s quite a feat. Build a quiz that people love, even if it’s not very many people, and you’ll be sure to gain healthy traffic.

Speak to one person. Expanding on the previous point, think of one person out of that small crowd of people who would really enjoy your quiz and you know for sure would forward it on to friends. Create a quiz with that person in mind, this will help you get into the right mindset, since quizzes are a very personal type of content and you want to make sure the style is done in such a way that it appeals personally.

2. Writing a quiz title that stands out on social channels. 

A full 80% of people will decide if they want to take your quiz based on the title they see popping up on their social media feeds. I recommend spending nearly as much time coming up with a catchy title as you do creating the quiz content itself. Luckily, you might not have to do that because we’ve found a few title templates that consistently outperform everything else. Check them out.

The “Actually” title: “How much do you actually know about Israel?” is a quiz that has taken Twitter by storm, receiving more than 1000 retweets and hundreds of thousands of views from Reddit and Facebook. Really all you are doing is setting up a knowledge test, but the word “actually” makes it much more challenging, which breaks from the norm and builds excitement, helping the quiz to stand out on social channels.

The “Which (blank) are you?” title: ”Which famous human rights activist are you?” is a quiz that Amnesty International created to help raise awareness for pressing issues around the world. They assigned one famous activist to each quiz taker as the results of the quiz.

amnesty quiz

The awesomeness of this quiz is that it turns something that seems distant, like international issues, and turns it into something personal that applies to each individual. This is an excellent tactic for many marketers who face similar issues of getting customers to really care about the products or services they are offering.

The Celebrity Comparison Title: StyleCraze is an India-based style and fashion brand that is funded by advertising dollars. They created a series of celebrity comparison quizzes “Which celebrity hairstyle should you have?” for example. They did five of these quizzes, leading to over 100,000 views in total, a strong bump in traffic.

celeb fashion

We all hear about the same celebrities, and we subliminally compare ourselves to them anyways, so using celebrities in a quiz is natural and fun

3. Writing quiz questions that make people want to share your quiz. 

It might seem like there is a big divide between the questions of your quiz and getting more social media shares, but in reality they are more connected than you think. The questions of a quiz are where you get an opportunity to connect with each quiz taker on a more personal level, and if that goes well they will feel more comfortable sharing your content and promoting you.

It’s like asking a stranger to write you a review versus asking an acquaintance, even though the acquaintance may not know you very well, they still will be comfortable giving you a positive rating if your initial interaction went well. Here are a few tips on writing questions that turn strangers into friends.

Use your own voice. Remember that your quiz questions are only viewed by one person at a time in a one-on-one session. Don’t go writing like you would to a large audience, rather speak candidly like you would to a buddy.

A perfect example of this comes from They consistently create high traffic quizzes and every single one has a fun voice to it. You know it’s coming from a person who is fun to talk to.


Don’t drone on. Ask your questions quickly and get out of the way, give people time to express themselves. After all we actually get a brain stimulation when we are talking about ourselves, so giving people the platform is an excellent way to get your quiz takers to like you more.

4. Crafting quiz results that need to be shared. 

Now that you’ve done all the work of getting people to click on your quiz title and writing questions to build some rapport, it comes time for the big test – enticing quiz takers to click the social share buttons and expand the reach of your quiz.

There is somewhat of a magic formula here (it’s not really magic, we used analytics to measure what works). This is what you need to do in your quiz results.

Be really upbeat. When is the last time you saw someone put up a post that made them look bad? We just don’t do that. Social media is where we get to brag about how awesome we are and make our friends jealous. Your quiz results should feed into that.

But…Stay Honest. Don’t go telling people they are awesome for no reason. For every result, you can find some tidbit that really is great and build up the content around that. The best example of this I’ve ever seen comes from Randall Reilly, an agency that made a truck quiz “What type of truck are you?” and managed to make every single result fun and upbeat without making stuff up.


Be ready for sharing. The formula for Interact quizzes goes like this. “I got (my result)(title of the quiz)” so for example “I got Southern Private – Which College Should You Attend?” make sure to write quiz results that are optimized for this format so that when people share your quiz it shows up nicely.

Conclusion – do as Shaq Does.

Shaquille O’neal is a rich man, and not just because he’s won several NBA championships. He has grown his reach by having a very strong social presence and leveraging that to launch successful products. His rule for maximizing social reach is to make 80% of his content with the purpose of entertaining his followers, 15% of it to inform, and 5% to sell products.

Keep that formula in mind, and you’ll be sure to create a killer quiz for social media.

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