The importance of web personalization

People love things personalized to them. See how the quiz process shows the importance of web personalization and why people respond to it!

Create a Quiz that People Respond to Now

I’ve been speaking with a client who is spending $500,000 a year on Google adwords for a piece of content that only has an 18% click-through rate. In simple terms, that means if 100 people “walk into a bar” – 82 of them will leave without even ordering a single drink.

That’s a tremendous waste of time, and doesn’t need to be the case. On average, the quizzes our customers produce have a 50% start rate for traffic coming from ads, meaning that if 100 people “walk into a bar” 50 will order a drink. Out of those 50, 25 will opt-in to a quiz lead capture form (order a few more drinks). And 5 will go on to make a purchase of some kind (pass out at the bar). Okay, that analogy broke down, but you get the point. It’s a miserable waste of money to send traffic through to a page that doesn’t engage the visitor in a meaningful way or capture information.

Below is the exact flow we implemented for this quiz.

happiness quiz

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Create a Quiz that People Respond to Now